Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The beautiful things the eye sees...♥

Sunday grandpa, dad and I went on the road to San Bernandino to check out this casino. We wanted to show grandpa and he was curious in trying out the game slots. We went through a lot on the way. We got lost, the weather was extremely hot, our car broke down, the radiator of the car broke, we had to find some mechanic, we got help, had out car pushed, it got fixed but we waited 3 hours -_-, we hadn't eaten lunch, and it was still 30 mins to go to arrive to the destination. But everything went well after all that. We had fun, finally got food and grandpa was happy :) Above are pictures I took while on the road. enjoy!
Pictures taken by : me

Monday, June 29, 2009

I am always wearing blue..♥

no, i not really going to make this blog about outfits T_T. I hardly do this and my everyday outfits are blah. I'm mostly home anyways so I'm with sweatpants or leggings and some shirt on. haha. I am just trying this out for a small change :) sorry about the blurry picture there but I kinda liked it :p

Buttoned up blouse: thrifted
denim shorts: old navy
Green wayfarers sunglasses: amusement park

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Art inspires...♥

This is most likely my first outfit post ever. I do love fashion sometimes. I admire those who can really know how to dress and me well I completely fail when it comes to putting an outfit together haha. One thing to mention, last time I wore a dress would be back in the 5th grade year 2000 :O and I don't recall ever wearing a skirt in my life T_T. ahhh oh well. I can be pretty picky when it comes to clothes. Sometimes i wish I had my own personal stylist hehe ^.^ maybe one of the fashion bloggers I've seen here on the blogworld. xD anyways i try!

Purple shirt jacket: Nordstrom
White blouse: Target
leggings: Forever 21

no shoes cuz i dont have many..only 2 pairs of converse x_X lol

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lomography Diana Dreamer Camera...♥

I want this camera so badly!!! T_T from UO

A Remembrance...♥

i also remember when i was 5 i was terribly afraid of his music video "Thriller" haha xD

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If I could...♥

I would have loved to live or be living in some other country for a change. Don't you feel that way too sometimes? I am not saying I don't love it here. I been here for 20 years and never have I moved to somewhere new :o I would just want to see how living somewhere else would be like :) Here's some of my top places I would like to be living at:
  1. Australia
  2. Thailand
  3. Finland
  4. England
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Philippines
  7. Brazil
  8. Japan
Do you have a country that you would like to live in for awhile?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Underneath the Flowers...♥

I got a lovely inspiration to make my own indoor tent at home thanks to Melissa Ann from Milky Hearts Remember on my last 2 previous posts i mentioned having went to IKEA. Well these are the flowery sheets I got from there and I was glad they still had them ^_^ It was so peaceful and relaxing being inside my tent, my head on a pillow, the window right next to me with a cool breeze coming in and a good book to read! You should try it out sometime! :)

photos by : me

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I can feel...♥

the summer heat approaching. Bike rides, beach and family time at the park soon :) What do you all do for your summer? ^_^

Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday I had a great time celebrating Fathers Day. About the zoo, well that was actually canceled due to my grandfather being sick :( so we gonna save it for another time. His health is more important and I hope he gets better soon. I had been wanting to go see the new Pixars movie "UP". one word..[F a n t a s t i c]! Being an animation lover and the fact about me wanting to work for an animation studio gives me more determination. This movie was incredible and i loved it with all my heart. It had a sad story to it though =/ but I really want to own it when it comes out on DVD. Dad, mom and me went to IKEA. Beautiful furnishings and ideas for decorating a home! I loved it in there for it being my 1st time. *-* I got some flowery bed sheet and pillow cases that I loved when I saw them. =] We also went to Target, mall for lunch and JcPenny and Sears. We didn't buy anything there for there was nothing really good to buy. Only IKEA was cool so we got some things for the home. After the movie we went to BORDERS. I had this 40% coupon I was anxious to use and I was excited to buy a new book for my book collection! I ended up getting "The Perks of being a WallFlower" by Stephen ChBosky and "The Housekeeper and the Professor" by Yoko Ogawa. I hear it is a very good Japanese book and that she is a great author. Only two of her books have been translated into English though. Can't wait to start reading them. But Currently I am reading "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger. Well hope you had a good weekend too. Just wanted to share mines :)

All Pictures above taken by me on the freeway x]

Saturday, June 20, 2009

#1 dad...♥

Happy Father's Day Dad! You are the most incredible, loving, caring and responsible dad ever and I'm extremely happy to have you. You are great.I love you. Sharing this photo above with you guys from when I was about 5, taking a nap with dad xD I love this picture cuz I find it a bit funny having my hand on my dads face hahaha as we sleep.
Tomorrow I'm off to the Zoo for fathers day with Grandpa, dad, mom and me! Can't wait!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I try my best...♥

to do many things. To have fun and explore things unexplored.
To travel from one place to another. To meet friendly people,
learn new cultures and enjoy every minute of life. There's just
so much to see in this world. I do try my best to do as much
as I can. Draw, read, watch tv, movies, see friends, make crafts,
look at pictures and take new ones. I'm not about perfection. I hate
anything that has to do with that. We're allowed to make mistakes
aren't we? That's how I like it. Life is good as long as you make it good.
:) And my one goal in my mind, will be accomplished one day!

It's great...♥

to laugh a lot until your stomach hurts :). Laughing has got to be one of favorite things to do ^_^

Thursday, June 18, 2009

True Love Forever...♥

Happy 21st Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you both very much :) I just hope dad remembers today is his anniversary xD lol. But anyways I have wonderful parents. :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i love her & miss her...♥

I love having an ice cream friend date with her. She is remarkably amazing and I'm blessed to have her as a friend. I miss her tons too, another reason I sorta can't wait for school to resume again so I can see her and we get to be roommates again! :D

Ride along the Ocean...♥

I want a bicycle. :( You don't know how badly I been wanting one that looks almost like the picture above... It is summer, and summer is always the season i go to the beach and ride my bike along the beach. My bike I currently have is quite old, doesn't move as fast and looks more of a mountain bike and is quite small too. So yes, i need a new one. I should be getting one soon I suppose but not exactly sure when, I just hope it is before summer's over :O I am just too anxious to go bike riding! Can't wait, one of my favorite ways to pass the time :)
picture from Deviantart

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Irresistable Cuteness...♥

I can't help but say awww when i see an adorable puppy/dog. Oh how I always wanted one as a pet for so long! I always loved them since I was little and would beg my mother and father for one but unfortunately where we been living, there's a no pets allowed rule =[ and it totally sucks! -sigh- I found this awesome blog Shine Pet Photos. They take these amazing photography of people's pets, dogs/cats. It's very cute and adorable to see! Here's some of my favorites from the blog I picked out :) Oh and my favorite dog breeds would be:
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Yellow Labradors
  • Goldendoodle
  • German Shepherd
  • and there's some others but I don't know the names :(
What are your favorites? =D If you like dogs that is...if not what's your favorite kind of pet?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Target love...♥

Yesterday i had a good Sunday with my mom We went to the library because I needed to renew my card. So i got a new one and headed to the books to see what I could check out to read. I had planned to be there a little while but it turned out we were there for over an hour. But I got about 6 books to read now and I cant wait to get started. ^_^ Mom and I had planned to go to the mall after but instead we noticed we needed some groceries and other things for the home and we headed off to Target! Target has got to be my favorite store to buy things. Prices are so convenient and it's a good way to save! I was driving the cart around, with my list I've done in hand and a pen to check off the items we've gotten. I helped mom pick out the items and checked which one was less pricey and so on! And not to mention the ice cream aisle! I was standing there just admiring and loving every single one i was seeing! And before we left we took some ice cream home yay ^_^ We arrived home just in time to watch the Lakers game 5 against the Orlando Magic. It was quite exciting and when i saw that Lakers were doing very good and in the lead by almost 15 points i knew right away they were going to win it...and they did! Lakers bringing home another Championship!! Wooooo :)

[photo taken by me]

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am a bookworm...♥

Books are amazingggggggggg!!!! For this summer I have a few books I need to read. :) Currently I am reading this book I bought awhile ago but haven't had the chance to read, its called "The Book Borrower" by Alice Mattison. Not sure if it is a good read but we'll see after I get through with it =] After that I have this book about LOST the tv show and everything about it! Also need to read this other book called "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt, that book looks really interesting and I love the cover too with the little boy smiling back at me ^_^ So I should be quite entertained reading these next few weeks =]

Tell me, do you have any good book you would like to recommend? I am sure I'll love to hear it and see if I can read them too! Please share if you can! Happy weekend darlings! :3

also if anyone has a Shelfari.com account please add meh =] heres my link:

Friday, June 12, 2009

San Francisco..i miss you...♥

i really do. never thought i would love you more than my own hometown. But you're the city with always new things to discover, always with places to explore with friends, and just an incredible city to be in! I wish you were closer to my actual home... but I'm considering transferring schools now, but just the idea of not attending Uni in San Francisco anymore kind of makes me all sad inside. oh what to do...finish school in san francisco even though it is so expensive, or transfer to a closer University to my home and help out my parents? It will sure be a lot cheaper... =/

Is It Spring or is it Fall?...♥

My hometown hasn't had much of sunshine the last couple of days. Its been giving the days a morosely mood to some people, since I know many love the sun. Gloomy cloudy days doesn't bother me one bit. I love being at home cozy and warm when the weather is like this, it even makes me want to build a tent and go into it and read a good book with cookies and tea and some art supplies to draw and color ^-^! I might just do that actually. :) A day ago or two Nina asked us what made us weird and on a scale of 1-10 how weird are we? Well I am going to respond to that. I been called by people that I am weird but a good weird hehe and I actually like that and agree. Aren't we all weird in some way? That's what makes us different and unique from each other. Anyways I might be a 7 or 8 of weirdness and here's a list :
  • I have a cell phone but I absolutely hate talking on the phone, receiving calls or having to make calls. I mostly use it as my wake up alarm and to check the time.
  • I almost add ketchup to everything I eat, on my chicken, quesadillas, potatoes, mash potatoes, squash and to my Mac & cheese.
  • I can watch reruns of movies and TV shows over and over and over again without getting tired of them.
  • If its too quiet in a classroom or anywhere else that I am at, I tend to start feeling nervous and in need to go use the bathroom so I need music to calm me down.
  • I want to learn how to drive but somehow I have a little fear of driving out in the streets.
  • I like to be alone most of the time.
  • Gloomy/ rainy/stormy weather makes me very happy. I don't like the sun or hot weather much.
  • I like sad songs.
  • I scream if I see a ladybug or butterflies flying around me and that they might land on me. I have a fear of bugs and even though may people find ladybugs and butterflies beautiful , they are not in my eyes. x_x
  • I once ate a cricket as an experiment to test the 5 senses of it.
  • I definitely don't like whip cream at all! Not on my cake or on my frapps from starbucks or anything else. I don't think it's good.
  • I like to stretch quite often, especially my legs because I still believe I can get my self to grow taller...
  • i secretly wish i had some freckles on my face

I can't think of anymore for now but if i do, I'll add it to my "What makes me wierd list" later

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I want you to know...♥

I love seeing couples together that seem so happy and absolutely meant for each other. It brings a smile to my face. Its just something I love to see and its so cute when they kiss each other sweetly on the cheek and hold on to each other with all the love in the world. It is indeed like a jigsaw that has fallen into place... I can see some couples just fit perfectly together. A month ago or so when I would see couples happy& all my friends with a bf and happy, I suddenly wanted a bf for me too. Not just any guy but someone that will come into my life and complete me! I realized that even though i was going through a phase where I felt lonely and wanting a boyfriend, now it has changed for me. I'm not really in a hurry to find love. Even though it does seem like a beautiful thing :) but I am just leaving it to God, he'll know when it'll be the right time for me to find someone. At the moment I am in no rush and my number one priority is to finish my last 2 years of college. My parents want me to finish school first before falling in love with someone, I at first didn't agree but now giving it a more deeper thought, I think they are right. There is someone out there for me yet to meet me one day, just not now but in the future. =] Any of you in a relationship? Or if you're single, are you happy like that?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More of what I love...♥

...a delicious morning breakfast
...bubbles in the air
...and balloons floating in the sky as they move higher & higher closer to heaven :)

These are some of the things I love and make me happy, i found these pictures as I was browsing the internet the other day and put them into my *I love* folder so please excuse the fact I don't have credits. But just to let you know, i will never take credit or say I took these. I'm very honest and I will say so when I have taken a photo myself or not :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are the stars...♥

here's the pictures of my friend, her sister and me from Universal Studios :) and yes that is me eating that humongous of a burger! I was extremely hungry ;D hehe

Monday, June 8, 2009


Remember last week when my friend had to cancel our plans. Well yesterday we finally got to see each other and hang out at Universal Studios Hollywood which turned out to be a fantastic and fun day with her and her sister! :D It was also great seeing her after a year and a half :o How times flies... We also spend most of the time at Universal CityWalk where there are all these awesome shops and restaurants. ^_^ i have pictures to share but I will have to post them up later since I am having trouble uploading a few pictures here. So How was your weekend? Hope good :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Something to read & laugh...♥

Just recently I found this book I bought for Junior year of high school and I used it so that my friends and I could all write in it our silly stories, memories, jokes, silly things and quizzes and surveys we made up. I was reading it all yesterday and I just started cracking up. It is so funny to see what we wrote and used to be like. I realized how we changed, how what we wrote what we were going to do in the future came out to be partially true for some and not for others. It's been 4 years since we wrote in the book and I really love this because it is something I can look back to and remember the friendship and trust we all had. Have any of you ever tried making a friend journal in which you write down things and pass it down to your next friend? You should try it if you haven't. It'll be something great to have and look back to later on in the years. Above is a brief preview of some of the pages in our journal.

A list to share..♥

Hope you can read it, I wrote a list of my Childhood memories I was able to remember :) I may have more to add I just can't remember some for now , afterall my childhood was a whole while ago!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Loving Lists...♥

I've produced a liking and maybe soon loving the idea of making lists :D It is actually pretty fun, I get to really think and write down my ideas and thoughts into categories and turn them into lists. I started listography and it's actually pretty cool especially reading everyone else's lists. You should try it out. Well I'm going to start my own listography journal with this lovely book I had lying around :) I believe it will turn out rather nicely. I have so many topics to write down into lists. Can't wait to start ^_^