Monday, June 27, 2011

SF ---> LA

4 hours ago I was in San Francisco
now I am in LA for the rest of my summer
then I go back. I already miss SF and everyone and my love.
Let's see what my summer in LA has in store for me :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's time for a haircut!...really

It's funny everytime i have my hair short I am wishing it is longer....and now that my hair is long I am wishing it is short -__- I was going to go get it cut today but I ran out of time doing other errands so I shall go tomorrow in the morning. I know a place where it is inexpensive but the lady there is really nice and cuts hair very well. Also change is good once in a while :) Again another hot day in the city. I did some shopping, only ended up buying one piece of clothing though -_- and also got free frozen yogurt :D MMmm! Tomorrow my bf returns from his trip in Washington D.C. He's lucky to have gone there to visit! But I am very excited to see him again :) Pictures above is me and my ex-roommate Crystal dancing. Yes i moved and found a room for rent for cheap , so I finally have a room of my own. But there's some great memories I had with her that I won't ever forget.

Monday, June 20, 2011

we make each other happy

this boy has been in my life the last couple of months. i love him :)

Summer in San Francisco

i am sorry i havent posted in so long! I know most bloggers always say this when they are gone for a good amount of time. There's always the excuse of school, or being too busy with work and etc but it really is true! :O Summer seems like it has arrived! Though tomorrow is actually first day of summer I believe. San Francisco was boiling hot today with 84 degrees Fahrenheit! I pretty much stayed indoors with all my windows of my room open to let some fresh breeze in. Was planning on going out and ride my bike to a coffee shop to use internet because my internet at home is pretty crappy right now. But my plan didn't go as I wanted cuz i got a little sick today. bummer :/ Well I have a week left to enjoy summer in San Francisco and then I'll be enjoying the rest of my summer at home in L.A. Looking forward to seeing my parents who I haven't seen since January, to go to farmer's markets, to my favorite beach location which is Venice beach and Santa Monica, to ride my bike, play video games and just relax as much as I can before school once again starts up. I have some pictures to share with you guys, which I'll be doing soon hopefully. I also need to catch up to every blog I follow! Much love :)