Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye LA, hello SF ...♥

What a day it has been! Dad's car broke down and he couldnt take me to the airport. But good thing Our neighbor let him borrow his car. The security line at the airport was so long, it went on and on all the way outside... my flight was delayed by 2 and a half hours. When I arrived I didn't know where to claim my baggage. I finally arrive at my dorm for this semester. I met my new roommates, they are both very very friendly! I helped one of them with her things, and she helped me pick up my things from storage. Then we went to Costco :) I got few things I needed for now, but I am very very exhausted. I am finally eating as I type but I still have so many things to unpack and organize.... I am not looking forward to it. Packing or unpacking is so stressful and a lot of work. I don't like it. My friend is not arriving until the weekend :( But I am glad I will live with her along with our two new roommates. My new Apt. room is not bad. Very spacious. What I really want now is sleep...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holga at the park {part 2}...♥

a few more of my holgas.
Well today is my last day at home.
Flying tomorrow for back to school.
i love flying & traveling
i hate saying goodbye though...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My favorite outfit of the week...♥

Can't really see the whole outfit much, but I just like it :) , the wolf t-shirt, the print of the cardigan, her hair...♥ and the setting, it's trees and water, it's plants and birds. With a little wooden bridge to cross, to enjoy the surrounding and the smell of freshness..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Holga at the Park {Part 1}...♥

I never mentioned that this past Sunday, mom, dad n i went to the park to relax. We really needed it. This is where I went crazy taking Holga photos! :D hehehe above you'll see this beautiful park I always been to since I was 4 years old. It is very pretty and peaceful.

p.s can you spot a pink balloon in the 2nd photo? I took it without even knowing it was there!
*click to enlarge if you have to (:

Last Day Of Summer Fun...♥

Yesterday was pretty much my last day of having fun and seeing friends. These next three days will involve, shopping, packing and being quite busy getting ready for back to school. I finished my second roll of film on my Holga yesterday when I hanged out with some of my friends. The photos are awesome and I am falling in love with Holga even more and more! So yesterday I got to see my middle school best friend, Yuri!
I was so happy to see her! It had been so long, because after middle school she went to a different high school. :/ I also saw her big sister and brother and we all went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (finally), Borders, and Gamestop. =]

above: From left, Yuri , me and Juana

*Yuri and I* ( she is so beautiful )

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girl crush...♥

Mila Kunis is adorable. I think she looks stunningly beautiful in the photo.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Photos I love today...♥

Mariposa Tracionera by: {Mana}

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time is almost up...♥

(Powell St, SF in the palm of my hand)

Well it is Saturday... so that leaves me with about just 8 days left here before I return to San Francisco for school. Classes start September 3rd but i leave home the 31st to move into my room and get things ready over there before starting classes :/ I am going to miss home...i already am and I am not leaving yet. Even though it is my 3rd year and by now i should be getting used to not being too sad about leaving , i just still do. There is just no place like home, you know? However I am anxious to start classes again. =] I need to work very hard this year and I need to focus. No Procrastinating!!! lol i am going to miss my parents of course but I am excited to see my lovely friend Tasha who I've missed all summer long. she's from Washington and we are going to room together this year ^_^ and plus I love the city of San francisco too.

Plans for today: Mom and I are going to do a little back to school shopping. I need some things such as new shoes...all i have is converse and I've used them all last year of school haha, some few new shirts, socks, and other things i find around that i may need. So that's pretty much it. Hmmm before I know'll be the 31st o.O especially how time flies so fast now! When do you all return to school? I know a few of you have already returned.

Enjoy the weekend friends! and with this song that I absolute love ♥!!

Dictionary by: {The Go Find}

Friday, August 21, 2009

My favorite outfit of the week..♥

all i really want it that black and white striped long sleeved shirt and I would be happy! :] & i have been forever looking for a nice brown simple belt like hers too.
and hmm my hair can get big like that but I don't like it :/ but it looks nice on her with the bangs
which I been considering a lot in getting... but I am not convinced yet.

And my favorite song for you to listen today is ^-^ :
Spring and by Summer Fall by: {Blonde Redhead}

Tell me where you've seen my life
I look in your eyes and can only see my own complexion
Tell me where you've been my life
I've been watching you spring by summer fall when some one called

Tell me where you've seen my life
You've been biting my hands and knocking me down down to the ground
Tell me where you've been my life
I see only what you see, face who you face, be who you want to be

Clashing lies and clashing thighs
Clashing chasing changing minds
Tell me what you've seen tell me where you've gone
Tell me where you've been tell me what you saw

Clashing lies and clashing thighs
Clashing chasing changing minds
Tell me what you've seen tell me where you've gone
Tell me where you've been tell me what you saw

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am liking...♥

this photo ♥

and my little white castle I purchased at the art store today. I get to paint it however I like. So it is time for some fun art creativity for me! I get to use my art paints I have leftover from a class I took last year of Color & Design. Still deciding what colors I want to mix to create the colors for the castle.

I am also liking the mystery book I am currently reading. :)

and that the weather in southern California hasn't been too high in temperatures lately.

and the idea that I want to participate on a television game show one day. Price is Right is one of them. The show was a whole lot better with Bob Parker though... if I could win me a car...i'll give it to dad...he deserves it :]

and that Fall is just around the corner! Almost time for scarfs, sweaters and cardigans ^-^

and a song a day would be a lot of fun. I like sharing my favorite music for others to listen.

House of Cards {Radiohead}

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A song for the 100th post...♥

You voice is so beautiful.
Your words with such a poetic tone.
Your guitar strums so soft and soothing.
Your music is love to my atmosphere, always. - evelyn

Choir Vandals Lyrics by :{Benjamin Gibbard}

burned out like all
cathie candles
marked up with the
choir vandals
reading, "destroy, destroy, destroy"

two-speed cycle
streamered handles
evenings with the
roman scandals
i just want to be someone you know

click play to listen :) one of my favorite songs.

My Holga Photography {Part 3}

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You yell so loud from a place so dark, but no one on earth can hear you...♥

What would be the feeling before getting on board on such a powerful machine
that is able to fly high and high, that keeps going and going, with no such thing
as a stop, and not being able to see loved ones for who knows when, and the thing
you see right away when you look out the window is darkness, you start feeling so light
like a feather floating down from the sky but takes forever to land. But after a while
of darkness you start seeing what is outside more closely, you start to notice that out there
in the darkness, there is beauty, you see earth in where you come from. To see
all the bodies of land and water from above, leaves you speechless and surprised. Then
you start seeing things shiny, stars, the milky way, moons, planets and galaxies. You know that you are in a place that may go on for infinity , that there are still lots of mysterious unknown
things unexplored to be explored. What would really be like to go to space, would you be
frightened and worried? or excited and curious? I think it would be spectacular
to go to such a spacious place that exists in this universe. And if it is possible to go to
such a place, then it is possible to accomplish any other dream everyone of you
may have.

Photo +

My Holga Photography {Part 2}...♥

the day I went to santa monica beach

Monday, August 17, 2009


I have been given a blog award from For the easily distracted... Thank you so much, Rhianne! hugs hugs. :)You deserve it too! Ever since I started this blog, I didn't think I was going to meet so many great and awesome people from around the globe. You are all great =] I am happy I have made some great blog friends and each and everyone of you inspire me and make my love for blogs grow bigger. And thanks for reading my blog :)

So I'll like to pass along this blog award to my favorite bloggers/friends :)
Crystal from Three-Six-Five
Retrodaisies from One of those things
Sammi-lise from a fairytale unlike any other (she's been following since I made my very first blog..thank you ^_^)
Laura from Blorange Dice
Denise from Denise Katipunera
Eliza from Restless Hearts
Adele from Poptart

:) Enjoy your award given to you with lots of love from me.

My Holga Photography {part 1}...♥

They are here! Got them Saturday but i hadn't had
the chance to scan them until today!
Let me tell you how excited I was to see them
and how beautiful they turned out and
that I finally get to show you guys! ♥

Hello Monday, again...♥

Weekend is over! How fast it went by but incredible. Friday I did go see the movie ' The Time Traveler's Wife' it was very good but sad in the end...I have to say I did get some tears out of my eyes even though I tried so hard not too...even my cousins cried a bit hehe. All I have to do now is read the book which I am sure is going to be great and even better. So after the movie, we stopped by to eat dinner at Johnny Rockets. Deliciousssss!

Saturday was the last day my Aunt and cousins were staying in California. Mom and I took them out for dinner and we went to eat at this very good Salvadorian restaurant to eat Pupusas, which is a very popular food in that country and they are very delicious. I suggest you try them one day if you haven't :) After dinner we returned to my home and we chatted for a while. They were really comfortable and the conversation was really fun. But then it was time to say our goodbyes and who knows when I'll see them again :( After they left I did cry a bit because I am going to miss them so much and I spent a great time with them during their stay. It was lovely.

Sunday, my little 7 year old cousin came over to spend the whole day with me! He got really close to me really fast from the last visit and that makes me rather happy too! So my little cousin and I played games all day! I was getting a little tired of playing a lot but I was patient ^-^. We played hours of video games, then took a break and played a board game and then after that back to the video games! haha I was happy to see him smiling and having fun! I've sure been spending a lot of cousin time lately too. :)

Well that was my weekend. How was yours? :) Sure hope everyone spent a great time with their family/friends!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fireflies, oh come light the night...♥

When was the last time I ever saw one of these amazing bugs that shine a beautiful light for us to admire at night, to be able to catch one and put it in a jar and watch it shine away, and then letting it go to enjoy the freedom and continue attracting those who find them amazing. I was probably 7 years old last time I had some in my yard where I used to live. Mother would catch them with no fear so I can see it up closely. Observing how they are able to produce a somehow magical light in them. They just happened to come ito my mind today and I wondered why I don't see any of them here. I think it would be rather nice, however I am afraid, very afraid of bugs. But I still want to see them. Like I've said before , everything in nature is beautiful. We are lucky to live in such a place surrounded by it, flowers, trees, oceans & lakes. If only we would have taken care of it from the very beginning. Now everyone is sort of turning green now, but isn't it a tad to late? But like a firefly, I believe we can shine our way through and still make a beautiful difference.

image found on deviantArt

Friday, August 14, 2009

Movie Day...♥

Hello hello! Cousins and I are going to the movies today to watch......'The Time Traveler's Wife'! I can't wait! I hope it doesn't make me teary eyed like 'The Notebook' did. Also today is the last day I pretty much will see my cousins, they leave early Sunday morning back to Iowa. :( But I am really excited for today! I'll let you all know if the movie is good or not but I am sure it will be great! hehe Other good news, I am dropping off my Holga film today. Finally! lol and going to the library for more books so I can review some for my book blog. I don't want to keep my followers waiting to long for a new book blog post haha. Also.... wow it is Friday! I wish everyone a fantastic weekend and I hope to hear about it too =]

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Talk to me in a language I don't speak...♥

I find languages fascinating. How can there be so many in this world? and yet we are pretty much saying the same things, but in different languages. All the words & expressions that exist! "Why couldn't there be just one language?" mom says. Good question, but if there wouldn't be more than one , this world would be bland. No interesting cultures, and no new things to learn and discover and explore. Seeing other people speak their native languages so easily and me just trying to understand...leaves me with a question mark over my head and making me want to know what they are saying. So far I am currently trying to learn Italian on my own and then I would like to learn French too. That would make me be able to speak four languages! It's almost like exploring their country through their language or feeling like as if I were born there.

photo found on Deviant.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Optimistic...♥

I just wanted to share my first giveaway I have ever won ^_^ Thanks to Rhianne from For the easily destracted. I won this lovely postcard with this amazing quote saying 'Be Optimistic' I used to be like that all the time but now I have been half Optimist lately. But this postcard is helping me remind myself to be as positive as I can be. Also I love postcards :3 hehe I was realy excited when I saw it in the mail too. yey! Much love to you Rhianne! Be sure to visit her blog, it's one of my favorites. <3

Blog Reading...♥

I been kind of busy lately with all the family visiting and me being out spending time with them. I haven't really had a chance to read everyone's blogs but that is what I am doing right now... :), Catching up on blog reading which I love to do! ^-^ I really enjoy seeing your blogs and reading what you wrote. I may not leave a comment all the time, but I do read it. ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Monday, August 10, 2009

Hellos can bring smile to faces...♥

Hello everyone! I had a fantastic weekend and I am sure hoping everyone of you did too :) Summer is almost over! I have exactly 2 weeks left before I leave home again and continue my studies as a junior in college now. I am excited and I have big goals for this school year I do not want to break! I had some cousin time again yesterday. Us 3 went to Universal Studios Hollywood, it was my second time there this summer but I still had fun because I was with my cousins who I love very much. We had a good time and took nice pictures with my digital and my lovely Holga! I just need to take like 4 more pictures on it to finish the roll and I'll be dropping it off for process as soon as possible. I am so anxious to see the results and do some sharing :)

This Friday cousins and I are going to go to the movies to see 'The Time Traveler's Wife' It looks really good and I like the actress , she's very good and the movie just looks lovely!

Oh almost forgot! Also Saturday was my grandma's birthday! We called her to wish her a happy bday to her. and yesterday was my Grandpa's 81st birthday! I took pictures of him with his cake and everything and I am so happy to have them. He is still sick though and I pray to God he gets better really really soon!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Santa Monica Pier...♥

We had a blast at the beach yesterday. My little cousin was excited to see the ocean for her first time. We went in the water and had tons of fun there. Later dried in the sun, headed to the Pacific Park and got on 2 rides. We took several pictures for memories because who knows when I'll see them again. We ended our day buying some souvenirs and eating at In-n-Out. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ocean ocean!...♥

I am going to the beach today!!! at last! I haven't had a chance to go at all this summer.. but today my cousins invited to come along with them. I saw them yesterday and we had a good time talking about a lot of things! ^_^ and silly of me for worrying haha. Well they haven't been to the beach for so long, because of course there is no beaches around Iowa... and today is my chance for using Holga! I am so excited! It is going to be fun :3

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Fave Outfit of the day...♥

The colors work really well. I like it :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My wish flies in the air...♥

Every time I see these, I love to grab one and make a wish and see it float in the air and hope for it to come true. :]