Monday, June 15, 2009

Target love...♥

Yesterday i had a good Sunday with my mom We went to the library because I needed to renew my card. So i got a new one and headed to the books to see what I could check out to read. I had planned to be there a little while but it turned out we were there for over an hour. But I got about 6 books to read now and I cant wait to get started. ^_^ Mom and I had planned to go to the mall after but instead we noticed we needed some groceries and other things for the home and we headed off to Target! Target has got to be my favorite store to buy things. Prices are so convenient and it's a good way to save! I was driving the cart around, with my list I've done in hand and a pen to check off the items we've gotten. I helped mom pick out the items and checked which one was less pricey and so on! And not to mention the ice cream aisle! I was standing there just admiring and loving every single one i was seeing! And before we left we took some ice cream home yay ^_^ We arrived home just in time to watch the Lakers game 5 against the Orlando Magic. It was quite exciting and when i saw that Lakers were doing very good and in the lead by almost 15 points i knew right away they were going to win it...and they did! Lakers bringing home another Championship!! Wooooo :)

[photo taken by me]


Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely day with your mom :)
I've never been to target as I live in London but I will definitely check it out this summer :D
lots of love,
nicky x

blorange dice said...

aww, bummer! but six is a great success, i must say. what did you end up getting?

p.s. i LOVE target. especially the supertarget near my house... they have everything!!! and the feeling is so clean and bright and happy when you're in there. for some reason, i can never leave a target without a new nail polish and candy for the road- it's awesome (: haha

blorange dice said...

haha! a strategy for sneaking; i love it. that dude should have at least tried to be less obvious! oh well.

and that's a good idea! i'll try to see if my friend can let me scan it at some point; i'd be curious to see what ya'll think. (:

Rhianne said...

Thanks for following my blog, eeee!! Am followings yours now too, I love it :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Target.
If man and property could mate, I would marry Target!

evelyn said...

lol mandy ^_^