Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The dreams and wishes...&hearts

I have suddenly been really wanting to go on a roadtrip around the United States with an RV and explore the country, stopping at states , exploring and take lots and lots of photographs! Doesn't it sound great? I would really love to make this one wish/ dream come true. I've told my parents about it and of course they will come along too and I think they liked the idea! I just love to travel and sight see places than just California, I just can't really be in the same place for so long , I feel I just have to go out and explore because I only have one lifetime and I want to make it the best I can. I don't want to be stuck in just one place for the rest of my life. Well I certainly would have to find me an RV or something and that just means I have to save up. Gosh I have so many dreams I want to make come true sometimes I feel they won't but I got to think positive and work hard for them. I feel I am still trying to find myself, find my purpose in life in what I should be doing, finding that one thing that is going to make me happy. Do any of you have a dream you would love to make come true? Do share :)

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this last photo I posted because I really really really been craving snow cones! All summer long -_- haha I need to get myself a snow cone machine :D Yum!

Song of the day: Lotta Love by She & Him

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I remember mentioning the fact that my very good friend from college, Natasha (a.k.a) my roommate since freshmen year, might not return to school this year and sadly i got the bad news this morning that she unfortunately cannot make it back. She tried the best she could to work things out but it didn't turn out that way. It left me terribly sad knowing that I won't see her until who knows when. She's from Washington state and here I live in California. I definitely need to go visit her one day when I have some money. I 'm going to miss her tremendously this school year. We share things together, we talk about our day and hang out. We go grocery shopping, thrifting and enjoy watching television shows online ... now with her absence I'm gonna feel lonely. With 2 new roommates I don't know yet. It's crazy how things in life can turn out. Not always the way one wants it to be. Just got to be prepared what it throws at you and be strong and continue on. All I can do is work as hard as I can this school year! I got this. My goal is to show much improvement because I know I have potential to be an awesome 3D modeler and I don't care though if I don't end up as great as the others as long as I can get a job at a decent small place and from there I can always make my way up. :] Well I have a week left before I leave my home.. as much as I love San Francisco, I am not really looking forward to returning knowing that my friend will not be there with me. But I got to finish school and make my parents proud. So one week... to enjoy home, be with my parents , eat homecooked food and sleep in and then I got to start packing and say farewell :[ but im looking forward to my classes, I'm taking Modeling Studio, Head Sculpting & Facial Expressions, Power of Myth & Symbol and beginning French. Excuse my long post, hope I didn't bore you or maybe I did and the the rest was left unread haha but for those who read it all thanks :]
Leave you with this song, can't stop listening to this band.

Down River by The Temper Trap

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Forrest Gump ...♥

I just got done watching this film. I had never seen it before except the first 20 minutes or so but I never got to finish watching it but I really loved the movie. It was absolutely touching and best quoted film. I must have cried like 5 or 6 times...I felt it being quite inspirational. I'm glad I finally got a chance to watch it. :] Have a great weekend!

P.S i also finally updated my book blog Reading for Owls . I'll be updating the lastest books I've read, so stop by when you can ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

awww sooo cuteeeeee :] I wish I could have a kitty or a puppy :( hopefully one day. hopefully soon. -sigh.......

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sundays :)...♥

I'm going to miss my sundays at my hometown area.
Yesterday consisted of going to the:
* Farmer's Market, getting fresh organic fruits, eating roasted corn, listening to a live jazz band
*Green grass and laying in the sun at Santa Monica beach
* people watching as they pass by on their bicycles
*recording videos & listening to my jams on my ipod
*and planning to go back next weekend with my bike this time
Santa Monica is so lively and fun. I would love to own a home there somewhere and be able to bike ride all the time or be in walking distance of the beach.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mix Tapes...♥

I love to share music with others and especially finding new tunes from what everyone else is listening. :) I got a 8tracks profile to make mix tapes just for you . Follow me if you have an account so I can check out your jams ^_^

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Six Flags Magic Mountain ...♥

My friend and I had a really great time together. The park was very full and the lines very long with long waits but it was worth it. We got on some of the best ones such as Goliath which is one of my favorite roller coasters, and Tatsu and The Riddler's Revenge. I finally got to try the delicious funnel cake topped with strawberries. yummy! It was very warm in Valencia, Ca. Around the 80s but it still felt pretty good. I am so glad to have spent some time with my bestie. She's a really great person and never fails to make me laugh and make me feel happy. We're planning our next fun trip to Disney California Adventures later this month but it is not certain. Hopefully we do get to go because I haven't been there since 8th grade! I've finished another roll of film on my holga :D I just have to drop it off to get them developed. Pretty excited to see the results of the photos I took at Hollywood, Six Flags and Marina del Rey. Can you believe it is already August? geeeeez!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Roller coaster...♥

recently went to Six Flags Magic Mountain this past Saturday with my bestie Miriam. We had a lot of fun even though we been there like a gazillion times! haha more photos to come :)