Saturday, June 27, 2009

Art inspires...♥

This is most likely my first outfit post ever. I do love fashion sometimes. I admire those who can really know how to dress and me well I completely fail when it comes to putting an outfit together haha. One thing to mention, last time I wore a dress would be back in the 5th grade year 2000 :O and I don't recall ever wearing a skirt in my life T_T. ahhh oh well. I can be pretty picky when it comes to clothes. Sometimes i wish I had my own personal stylist hehe ^.^ maybe one of the fashion bloggers I've seen here on the blogworld. xD anyways i try!

Purple shirt jacket: Nordstrom
White blouse: Target
leggings: Forever 21

no shoes cuz i dont have many..only 2 pairs of converse x_X lol


My Wooden Heart said...

Your outfit looks super cute!

retrodaisies . said...

adorable !