Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The beautiful things the eye sees...♥

Sunday grandpa, dad and I went on the road to San Bernandino to check out this casino. We wanted to show grandpa and he was curious in trying out the game slots. We went through a lot on the way. We got lost, the weather was extremely hot, our car broke down, the radiator of the car broke, we had to find some mechanic, we got help, had out car pushed, it got fixed but we waited 3 hours -_-, we hadn't eaten lunch, and it was still 30 mins to go to arrive to the destination. But everything went well after all that. We had fun, finally got food and grandpa was happy :) Above are pictures I took while on the road. enjoy!
Pictures taken by : me


blorange dice said...

these are perfect!! especially that first one (:

haha, your trip sounds like quite an experience. glad it worked out in the end!

Samantha Moralde said...

Sightseeing's the best. :D I adore the nature photos. :D

blorange dice said...

thank you, lovely!

bonnie's just been busy- working a whole lot! and you know, summer can be consuming sometimes. i'm sure she'll get back to blogging eventually (:

Rhianne said...

Lovely photos, I'm glad it went well in the end :)