Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I been up to lately ...♥

for those who may be interested :p

1) school and homework ;(
2) got a job at Whole Foods Market ;) my good friend works there so we're going to be co-workers! so excited :] gonna start working there in a week or two.
3) went to in-n-out with my roommates, saw a cute cashier there but I didn't get him to take my order :( haha I got some other cashier -__-
4) been learning French :) Bonjour mademoiselles! ;)
5) searching for the perfect cute Fall beanie hat somewhere
6) hopefully soon a Blog meet with the lovely Crystal from Powder Blue and the possibility of being roommates with her when she moves to S.F in the winter :D yay!
6) deciding whether to get bangs again or not. My hair has been looking horrible lately 3: not cool.
7) enjoying mellow songs and searching for new music
8) buying frozen yogurt now & then. so addicted. they're just so deliciousss!

but tell me....What is everyone up to lately?

Janglin by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Friday, September 10, 2010

on the search for new clothing! ...♥

Time for new clothes! I really need some! :O
so I'm going shopping tomorrow, gonna try to find
nice clothing that will grab my eye and that won't
be too expensive... i plan to spend only a certain amount.
Also gonna look for clothes a little similar to Zooey's. I really
need a good nice wardrobe change , if you look at my closet
it is so boring and uninspiring! Even when I look at it
it makes me kind of depressed haha! Not much color or
fun patterns to tell you the truth. And with what I have
it is actually pretty hard to put together a nice outfit. Gosh
I don't know how these girls do it with their fashion blogs
and all their outfit posts... hmmm. Wish me luck! :D
Oh and everyone have an awesome Saturday & Sunday ;)
much love ♥

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back to school, thrift shops and hair problems ...♥

Had two classes today! One I just added today and it was right after the first one ended! I had to hurry and get some papers signed for the class! ahh so I was running back & forth but I'm glad to have made the decision of dropping the class i was gonna have tomorrow with this horrible lame teacher and replacing it with Adv. Modeling / Textures in which we use this different 3D software called Modo! I'm excited to get to learn this new software :D Hope all goes well! The teacher seems real cool too. Also sometimes its hard to follow along when the instructor sometimes goes a little too fast... but I try to hang in there! Well on Labor day.. which was yesterday of course I headed to Buffalo Exchange in the Mission District to sell some clothes! I took two bags and from all I took..they only bought from me 5 pieces for $20... i was hoping they would buy more so I wouldnt have to carry the heavy bags back -_- lol. Also browsed through their selction of thrift clothes... i really dont have any luck when it comes to clothes gahhhh! help me. :( I just scored a pair of high waisted floral shorts and that's it.. really need clothes for school though... I'll try again next time..hopefully with better luck?
Well here's my latest picture! I got this new tea called Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea and it is soooo good. :D Also this hair of mine has to hurry up and grow again. I really regret cutting it to my shoulders :( I cant do much with my hair. Also thinking of getting blunt bangs by cutting it myself.... but hmmm.... I dont think that would be such a great idea... haha i could ruin my hair even worse! :O Has anyone attempted cutting your hair yourselves?

Airplanes by b.o.b ft. Hayley Williams

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friend date at Six Flags! ...♥

Over the summer I had a fun day going here with my high school best friend. Its our favorite place to go have fun. Rode those extreme rollercoasters! My favorite being Goliath of course. Took a picture as we were going up...but I also took one as we were going down! wooooo! but sadly it seems it didn't come out when the roll got developed :/ Oh wells. Well today was my back to school day! Had a class in the afternoon called The Power of Myth and Symbol and its such an interesting class! The instructor keeps it entertaining and not boring and I just couldn't stop laughing on certain funny things he would say! Looking forward to learning more about Myths, Legends, Folklore and Fairytales. :D I'm also taking a French class online. I only know about 5 french words and it would be great to expland my knowledge in this language. We'll see how that goes! My next class isn't until Tuesday and I'm trying to change my weds class to online because my on campus class is being taught by the worst lame teacher ever! I've had him before and no way do I want him to teach a class of mine again!! Arghh and the only other option for the class is online so I would prefer that.. than seeing his ugly face. Yesterday I went thrift shopping trying to look for some clothes for back to school. No luck whatsoever! Only got a dress I liked and an owl ring but thats it. I don't know how some girls have such luck in finding great clothes at thrift shops. It seems I am horrible at it :( I wish I could just have Zooey Deschanel's closet! I love her sense of style and would love to dress like her! So simple yet beautiful :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hollywood film...♥

These are some photographs I took of Hollywood with my Holga film camera over the summer. Just recently got them developed :) I have to say..looking summer turned out wonderful and am so happy about it because I really thought I was gonna have a boring summer but I was wrong :) Back to school tomorrow! Kinda excited about classes ... I have an inner nerd in me 8) well i actually don't have class on Thursday but on Fridays so i still get to relax tomorrow while others go to class tomorrow hahaha. The other days I have class is Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And I might have a little part time job too! I just got back from an interview at Whole Foods Market for the cashier position. :D Interview went very well and I have a good feeling that I might just get it. *fingers crossed* A job would turn out to be helpful...everything is money money money :/ and school can be expensive. So i really want to save up and also help out my parents. Well I can't believe it is sooooo hot here in San Francisco today :/ yikes! Im indoors where the temperature is a little cool and am about to relax with a good movie on netflix.