Friday, July 30, 2010

my summer update...♥

This summer hasn't been at all bad as I thought it was going to be. I've done quite a lot of fun things with my parents and a few friends. Can't complain and our southern California weather hasn't been extremely hot either like our past summers. I'm glad because I prefer a warmth that
I can take instead of intense heat that makes me feel I'm melting. But I have to say I can't wait for Autumn to get here. My favorite season where i can wear my scarfs, warm colors and go thrifting around San Francisco :D I'm also excited for my last year in college, i think haha and going to try and get a job this time at a Dog Groom place because I love dogs and I would be so happy to work at a place where I get to interact with cute doggies! I found a place right close to my dorm and it would be perfect if they hire me! One thing though I am not looking forward is the fact that my friend/roommate since my freshmen year of college may not be able to come back for school this year. I'm praying things work out for her so she can come back! If not I will be so very heart broken and sad not having her around :[ She's my only closest friend I got in San Francisco. But I have a feeling she will work things out. I can't believe I have exactly one month left at home! Now I'm starting to feel a bit sad. :/ Summer just flies by so fast! So I got to enjoy these last few weeks at home before I fly back up to the bay area. Which reminds me, need to purchase a plane ticket soon :O Almost forgot , last summer my goal was to learn the guitar but I never got to it because of my laziness but this summer I have been practicing and am getting a little better, not good yet but I can play a few chords now :D I just got to practice practice a lot now to improve my playing. It's an awesome instrument. Am in love with the acoustic sound. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hollywood Bowl summer concert...♥

Here's my photos I've taken of the concert. See the person with the teal dress? Thats Zooey! She looked absolutely beautiful! and it's the closest I could take with my little digital camera, if i zoomed in more my photos got too blurry :/ Bummer. But I'm happy. I was pretty far away but all that matters I was present to experience such a beautiful concert. My view was good I got to see the Hollywood sign from my seat haha & that's a friend of mine I went with. We had some wine during the performances and the music really relaxing and peaceful.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I saw Swell Season at the concert on Sunday and totally fell in love with them and their music! They were unbelievably amazing and can't stop listening to their songs! This one is a favorite of mine and when my friend told me they have a movie called 'Once' I immediately said I got to watch it! I really want to buy the movie and soundtrack. Heard so many great things about the movie. It's definitely on my wishlist :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At Hollywood...♥

Sunday before the concert, friend and I walked around Hollywood Blvd looking down at the stars and browsing through cool shops and had Floats at the Disney Store. We looked around in front of the Chinese temple and saw the famous peoples' hand prints and footprints. It was so full of people and such a hot day but I really enjoyed it and got to take a few photos and even a photo of a star with my name ;) I'm famous lol.

Monday, July 19, 2010

summer pink carnations ...♥

photo by me

Sunday, July 18, 2010

She & Him concert today
with my friend.
I can't freakin' wait!

Monday, July 12, 2010

There's Thieves Among Us...♥

I am so happy because this is my favorite song. I love the video for it too. Amazing :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

dream ...♥

More film photos from Venice Beach, California! Well I haven't really been to the beach since then which was in early June because it doesn't seem like it is summer over here! It's always gloomy, cloudy in the mornings and afternoons. Oh well. I just want Fall to get here really. It is my favorite weather because of the cozy warm clothes I get to wear :D Anyways I need to continue studying this Driver's Handbook but it is boring -_- I really want to accomplish one of my goals of getting my driver's license this summer! I am also excited for July 18th to get here! I 'll be going to a concert and see/hear She& Him live! it is going to be awesomeeeeee :D Ok so I finally finished that last book I was reading and started reading Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa which I finished on Wednesday haha so now I'm reading Snow Falling on Cedar. Does anyone watch the show So You Think You Can Dance? I love that show! Watching them dance is so inspiring and it makes me want to go out and take dance lessons and tryout for the show one day! haha who knows? I might make it one day ;) I would really really want to. I can dream right? It is just gonna take a lot of dedication though but I am being serious and this September hopefully I am going to start dance lessons and learn Jazz or Contemporary in San Francisco. I feel really happy whenever I just dance in my living room. It brings me a sense of peace. I been wanting to be a cool dancer since middle school. I think its time to try out for this dream...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fireworks, food, fun and family...♥

How was everyone's holiday? For those who are in America? :) Independence Day came and went! I am starting to feel a tad bit afraid of time. It just passes on by so quickly and I often lose track of it and never have enough time to do everything I would want to do :/ Sometimes I worry about the future, of whats to come... what is waiting for me up ahead? All I can dream of and hope for is that it will be something wonderful and that I will be happy. Happiness is all that matters for me. Well the fourth of July was interesting. I bought some sparklers for the night and dad cooked 2 kinds of delicious enchiladas and like I mentioned , I made rice crispy treats and they were very good :D We had family visit, and we enjoyed the fireworks from our apartment view since we live upstairs but we also went outside to enjoy it better and use those sparklers. I took some photos but my digital camera is so retarded though... but at least some good photos came out. I wish I had the money to buy a good camera like a Nikon rebel or something like that... California weather is being is July but June Gloom is still going on over here... but I must say I am kinda relieved because I hate the high temperatures... it gets me in a quite bad mood.

Closer by Kings of Leon

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red, white and blue ...♥

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone! I plan making some delicious Rice Crispy treats for the holiday and hopefully we go to the beach and the air market tomorrow for some delicious roasted corn but mom is sick right now, please hope she gets well soon! Ahh yesterday I had the chance to go to the movies with my bestie from high school and we went to see Eclipse. hmm i would totally choose Jacob over Edward...but oh well...Bella is dumb -_- haha but it is just a movie so yeah! Well I'm off to a baby shower tonight! My very first one actually but I heard they are pretty fun with the games they have and all. So far my summer is very chill! I am still reading ' The Wind-up Bird Chronicle' and I have no idea why I read so slow now! arghh but actually I don't spend as much time reading as I would want because I end up doing some other things like computer games and tv...oh and my summer classes! But I am almost done with the book so I can move along with another one :)