Monday, May 31, 2010

A beautiful day at venice beach...♥

The weather was absolutely perfect here in southern cali yesterday. Parents and I took off to Venice Beach in where we had a good time and relaxed so peacefully. There was also so much to see and I am satisfied that I got to finish my roll of film there. Now to get those photos developed soon! We went to an air market or open market..however you say it haha and there was so much delicious fruits, and veggies as well as flowers and food to eat! I got a delicious roasted corn and it was very worth it. yum! We were at Venice a good 7 hours and I bought myself a souvenir, its a cute little handmade monster that one of the artists' there made and it is now hanging with my njntendo DS. I named him Mr. Freckle! I shall take a pic of it and show you guys :D

Otherside by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Saturday, May 29, 2010

When rain turns into sun rays...♥

California weather can be so crazy! It can never seem to make up its mind. Its a never ending mood change here, like how a smile can easily become a frown and a clear blue sky be quickly filled with the gloomiest gray shadowing our homes as we look up for a hope of the brightest ray from the sun to fill us deeply in our hearts and bring a forecast of smiles ahead. Last week it was extremely windy, as if a hurricane were on its way, hopefully tomorrow it stays warm and calm like today so I can go to the beach again and fully enjoy it and take pictures! I am anxious to drop off a roll of film! I've applied to three Barnes & Noble Booksellers for a job and I am hoping with all my heart they call me so I can keep myself busy with something this summer plus I will be extremely happy to work with what I love most, Books! ♥ I got my hair cut yesterday by my mom and my hair is now in layers and I feel so much better and happy! Indeed a haircut is so much like a garden in need of repair, after a cut it grows to be beautiful and healthy. Today has consisted of Heroes marathon. I'm watching season 2 on netflix. What a great show! Now I think I will have a good read with a good book and maybe some drawing and video games later :)

Lingering Still by She & Him

photos by me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

1 year...♥

I can't believe it's been a year since I started this little blog of mine :) I actually missed the actual day of the blog anniversary which was May 26th haha so I am two days late. I am so happy to have started my blog as A Star of Love and as you have noticed my new blog title is Soft Raindrop :) I like change, sometimes I find it necessary for I get tired of seeing the same old thing haha. I've already gotten some positive feedback on the new blog name and I for sure am very happy and satisfied with it. I would like to thank all my readers for following, for reading my little posts and admiring my photographs I have taken this past year and for your wonderful positive comments. I am so glad to have made such incredible blog friends who all are so inspiring, talented, friendly and intelligent. I am really thankful! It means a lot to me to have you all so lots of hugs from me to you! And hopefully heres to another year of blogging for me ^^

mucho love, evelyn ♥

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

blog makeover...♥

Need to give this blog of mine a new look. Don't know where to start though, need to find a nice layout that is simple for my blog :) so time for me to work on it!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Bee giveaway

A blog friend of mine, Elizabeth from Little Bee is hosting a giveaway in which you can win a beautiful pair of rose earrings perfect for the summer :) So go on over HERE and enter to win ^_^ good luck!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Distractions and peace...♥

It is good to be home! My own room , my own bed. It is so wonderfully relaxing not having to worry about homework and studying anymore! My brain is stress free! Well sort of. I been going through a tough kind of depressing state these past few weeks but I am working hard to leave it all behind me, to forget about it and just move on. My heart is strong and it is healing, slowly. I am still young and there is so much ahead waiting to happen for me. I hope all good things, I despise feeling sad so very much. Now that it is summer, I want to try doing as much things possible to distract me and keep me busy. I am thinking of a summer job somewhere .. I have only 3 places in which I would like to apply but I am just hoping one of them hire me. I am also planning on drawing a lot more this summer, I need to practice drawing the human figure because I am terribly bad at that. Also plan on taking more film photographs and I actually already started on that yesterday when I went to Venice Beach =]. Lets see theres more I want to do but don't know what. Anyone have ideas? What do you guys do when you have so much time on your hands in the summer? My summer is 3 months and 2 weeks long....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

July get here soon! ...♥

Good news! I am going to see She & Him this summer! I got a friend to come along with me, she started to listen to their music and now she is excited to go! I am so happy that I will be going to see and hear them sing live :D So I can't wait for July, it's gonna be the best part of my summer hehe ^_^ Oh and I am done with finals! I just have 1 class to go to tomorrow, seems pointless because we dont have homework to turn in or anything because we turned it in last week but if i miss class my grade points may be lowered. Bummer :/ After class tomorrow my roommates and I gonna celebrate a bit, have some fun and drinks and just be happy that we survived another college school year of hectic work! hehe :) and then it'll be goodbyes on saturday :( and we all go our different directions and head on home.

Friday, May 14, 2010

bleeding pandas...♥

Me with pandas somewhere in San Francisco :) gosh i love this city so much! I have a week left here, i want to get all my work/finals done by Monday at least so I can relax, have fun with my roommates and start packing on my last week. I'm also feeling a little better... , She & Him album Volume 2 has really been cheering me up... the songs fit perfectly of what I am going through which is so amazing and wierd but lovely because Zooey is singing and gosh how I love M.Ward too hehe. They make an amazing band, i just wished I could have been able to buy a ticket to one of their concerts but they're sold out :/ Today I walked to the music store and on the way I bumbed into a friend I hadnt seen since the beginning of the semester! so it was nice catching up on things and she accompanied me to the music store. I went to buy the Volume 1 of She& Him so I could have both albums =D ha! Now I am satisfied. oh oh I been watching Heroes! Season 1 & its awesome! and I am currently reading a book called The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I had read this book about a year ago but I remember I didn't quite pay fully attention to it so I gave it another chance this time. Hasn't that happened to you? when u read and when you get done reading lets say a ask yourself...what did I just read..? Cause you weren't paying Its wierd xD So I have to start over and read it again lol
I was afraid of this. didn't think it would happen.
all was so well. all was so nice. all was so happy.
all was fine...
then something changes, something in you,
its not you anymore, its someone completely unknown.
A stranger.
Cause he was different at first but then now he wont understand.
Had a heart having beat so fast from happiness then slowly faded until it started to break
and theres no happiness anymore. Words of a broken heart.

I am feeling a bit better now. Staying strong and well life just keeps going and better things are waiting ahead for me hopefully. I am now trying to stay focused especially now that I have finals. Which is a reason why I havent posted photos and such :/ Sorry to one of my favorite bloggers and follower from One of those things! I will be back soon :) Don't worry. I am excited to get back to being behind the lens and searching for the perfect spots to snap a photo with my film camera ^_^ I already have my next photoshoot set which hopefully will be next Sunday when I'll be home! So stay tuned and be patient hehe ^.^

♥ evelyn

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day ...♥

Happy Mother's day! I miss my mom very much but it is just two more weeks until I am home again for the summer! I can't wait. I'm really missing home right now...I think I am even feeling a little homesick which is weird because I been living away from home for 3 years... Well for Mother's Day I send my mom some beautiful flowers, of course not as beautiful as her hehe but she recieved them on Friday and was jumping in joy with happy tears in her eyes to see the flower delivery being from me. I was happy and excited myself :) It was great. She loved them very much. I hope she has a wonderful day today with my dad ^_^
I haven't been blogging for so long it feels. I also haven't been taking any photography lately, I feel like there isn't anything new to take pictures of here. I practically explored the whole city and have taken photos of almost every district there is here. haha. In the summer I'll be taking photos with Holga I am sure so instead of boring you with the same old San Francisco photos I'm sure you've had enough of, I'll be sharing photos of my hometown area and L.A area like the beaches, parks and etc :) I just can't wait to go home!! I am wishing these 2 weeks fly by so quickly! please please~! ♥