Thursday, October 28, 2010

A dancing dream

my heart has been telling me this is what i'm to do.. its been telling me for years now. To be a dancer and a contemporary dancer I want to be. I've always wanted to somehow be a performer through the art of dancing since middle school. I never had the guidance or support though. I would just sit at home and admire dancers on those dancing shows. I was always inspired! Contemporary dance has my complete attention... its what i want to learn to do. I really do. My plan was to take beginning contemporary dance this fall but school keeps getting in the way. And now I have work. Unless I can get Saturdays off in which its the day that dance class is available. First class is free and if I like it than I shall go back. :] I just want to do something that'll make me happy. Dance is such a beautiful way of showing expression and creating art through the movements of the body. I just want to go for it! I dont want to hold myself back anymore. I want to get lost in the music through dance. Its just perfect.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

ocean beach...♥

photography by me

I hadn't been at Ocean Beach for about two years until last week. My work had a team build in which we had to go clean the beach for a few hours then followed by a party at the Golden Gate Park in which we all had a good time. Seriously, you never know what you are going to get when you use a film camera instead of a digital..let me say..this time all my photos had light leaks and one of the photos above, well it seems to be 2 pics in 1 combined, which I think its pretty cool. Gosh I'm exhausted... my roommates and I went to a Halloween store tonight to search for a costume... i almost bought this snow white costume that looked nice on me .. I sorta did look like snow white :D but all women costumes have to be slutty? what happened ? -_- seriously...most of the dresses just barely covers your butt... But actually since I'm short, they are pretty much an okay length for me. Well i didn't end up buying one because they're too damn pricey $$ but i think I'm going to go back just to get me a witch hat and some green and black striped socks and be a witch for Halloween :D , sounds perfect for me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I can't resist ...♥

Can I please have them all? gosh i go crazy for owls. well not crazy crazy but you know what I mean...i just absolutely love them! ♥ Aren't they great? haha I can't resist but buy anything that has an owl on it, plates, rings, anything as long as it is an owl. I'm sorta starting an owl collection. The person with everything shown in the photo is one lucky person :p Well today i finally got to go out and take my Holga out to play and a roll of film has been used up! I'll be picking up the developed photos tomorrow and Im soooo anxious to see! It's been a while since i dropped off a roll of film. It's just too exciting because I never know what I'm gonna get. Its always a surprise. I did a lot of walking today though when i went to take photographs at North Beach, San Francisco. I probably walked like 2 and a half hours! quite a workout I must say :o I decided to stop by the art store and look around. I haven't been creative lately, of course the blame goes to homework!! But I really want to draw, color & paint with watercolors again! I did it a lot when I was a kid, all i would do was draw and watercolor even though it wasn't perfect but it made me happy. Since this school year started I been meaning to start a blog just for my art such as sketches and schoolwork to share with you all. I'm gonna find the time to make one because I really wanna do it. Well I gotta get me some sleep! It's actually 5 minutes to 3 o'clock in the morning... i'm surprised i'm not sleepy because I'm usually a very sleepy girl lol.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My love grows for...♥

Photography. I love how there is so much talent out there and how we learn a little about the person through what they create, whether by canvas, paintbrushes, pencil or camera. Art is just absolutely amazing because of the endless possibilities one can create. Doesn't matter what you make as long as it makes one happy right? ;) I am kinda dyin over here about the fact I haven't been much of a photographer lately. It makes me sad and i really just want to forget about homework and not even bother doing it and go out and explore the city and snap photos! But it is midterms and doing that would be a bad idea if I don't want to end up getting bad grades.

Above are some photographs I found and loved through my browsing on Flickr. I'm sure you'll enjoy. Photographs really do make me happy. Along with reading books which I haven't been doing a lot either :/
On the bright side, Autumn is finally here in San Francisco! ♥ yay for autumn leaves that make a crunch sound when you step on them, cozy blankets, tea and coffee, delicious pastries, scarfs, sweaters and holidays!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Feature : Journey of the Old Light

So i've decided to make my very first blog feature :D I have a very awesome friend from the same hometown as me and we've been real good friends since I moved up here to San Francisco. His is a very talented creative artist. I kinda envy his talent ;) but in a good way... hehe. His illustrations are quite inspiring and his preferred medium to create his artwork is watercolor. He attends the same art school as me, AAU, as an illustrator major and I'll say he is gonna get very far with that talent he has going on! Here are some examples of his masterpieces that are some of my favorites!

I think it would be absolutely wonderful if you can head on over to his blog, Journey of the Old Light and give him some support! He'll appreciate it very much and he's also such a friendly person! So follow his blog so he'll have more motivation to post more often too :p I know you guys like art.

+ sorry for me being MIA for a while. so busy that i hardly have time for myself to relax. but i've taken some photos with my Holga camera recently! So as soon as I finish the roll and develop it, they'll be more posts soon;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A blog meet-up and new hair ...♥

I've decided today to go get bangs again! Exactly a year ago i got them and now I got them again in the same month haha. I really needed a change and I actually sorta missed having bangs and now I feel happy to have made this decision. I like my new hair right now :) New hair and new job which I start tomorrow! I'm nervous but excited at the same time! I feel that things are becoming good for me now and I hope it stays this way :) I also got to have a blog meet up with Crystal, from Powder Blue, yesterday. It was so wonderful to have met her in person, she's sooo sweet and lovely and beautiful! Two of her friends were with her so I got to meet them too and they as well were such great friendly people! I absolutely had a wonderful time with them. We had late lunch at Cafe Mason and then we walked to Urban Outfitters and then on an adventure to the Mission District. Browsed in thrift shops and a bookstore and took some pictures. We ended the day at another cafe and then sadly it was time for goodbye. Hopefully Crystal and I will hang out more once she moves to this wonderful city of San Francisco :) I will post pictures of the blog meet up as soon as I get them =]