Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Underneath the Flowers...♥

I got a lovely inspiration to make my own indoor tent at home thanks to Melissa Ann from Milky Hearts Remember on my last 2 previous posts i mentioned having went to IKEA. Well these are the flowery sheets I got from there and I was glad they still had them ^_^ It was so peaceful and relaxing being inside my tent, my head on a pillow, the window right next to me with a cool breeze coming in and a good book to read! You should try it out sometime! :)

photos by : me


Denise said...

hey evelyn i've missed you.

well i used to do the tent thing on my bed when i was little. I think am gonna do it again. And pillow fights yes!

blorange dice said...

oh my, it looks lovely! those sheets are perfect.

. said...

Cool site some really good things on here, will be keeping on eye for future posts :) good work

Adele said...

hey love (: The camera I have is a fujifilm instax mini, which is different from a polariod because the pictures are smaller! I think you can get them from ebay (: and the film is alot cheaper compared to the polariod ones. I think they are from different companies that's probably why (: get your hands on one!! you'll have soo much fun! xx