Friday, June 5, 2009

Loving Lists...♥

I've produced a liking and maybe soon loving the idea of making lists :D It is actually pretty fun, I get to really think and write down my ideas and thoughts into categories and turn them into lists. I started listography and it's actually pretty cool especially reading everyone else's lists. You should try it out. Well I'm going to start my own listography journal with this lovely book I had lying around :) I believe it will turn out rather nicely. I have so many topics to write down into lists. Can't wait to start ^_^


Crissy said...

O wow I may have to do this. I have so many topics to work with too xD

Adele said...

I love your notebook! it's so pretty perfect (: and lists are my one guilty pleasure. My favourite are to-do lists or grocery lists. It's a toss up between the two! ;)

have a great weekend!

Naka said...

ur notebook is so pretty

I always list things to do and then never do them XD

Zmaga said...

I like this idea, since I'm kind of a list addict, too! Share some of your lists with us, won't you? Maybe I'll try this one, too! But I have to find a notebook as pretty as yours :)