Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You yell so loud from a place so dark, but no one on earth can hear you...♥

What would be the feeling before getting on board on such a powerful machine
that is able to fly high and high, that keeps going and going, with no such thing
as a stop, and not being able to see loved ones for who knows when, and the thing
you see right away when you look out the window is darkness, you start feeling so light
like a feather floating down from the sky but takes forever to land. But after a while
of darkness you start seeing what is outside more closely, you start to notice that out there
in the darkness, there is beauty, you see earth in where you come from. To see
all the bodies of land and water from above, leaves you speechless and surprised. Then
you start seeing things shiny, stars, the milky way, moons, planets and galaxies. You know that you are in a place that may go on for infinity , that there are still lots of mysterious unknown
things unexplored to be explored. What would really be like to go to space, would you be
frightened and worried? or excited and curious? I think it would be spectacular
to go to such a spacious place that exists in this universe. And if it is possible to go to
such a place, then it is possible to accomplish any other dream everyone of you
may have.

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Victoria-H said...

Yea, you should def. go to Twin Peaks- its beautiful- at least if its not foggy ;) I would go when its sunset- its just beautiful then. Oh, if u go to Haight its just by Twin Peaks. Its really close.. :) Well, gotta love Haights huh :D
Beuatiful picture btw

alissa said...

i think going into space would be the most thrilling and the most lonely feeling i can imagine

Sara said...

There is a space that exists within you, and that is your soul!