Friday, August 7, 2009

Ocean ocean!...♥

I am going to the beach today!!! at last! I haven't had a chance to go at all this summer.. but today my cousins invited to come along with them. I saw them yesterday and we had a good time talking about a lot of things! ^_^ and silly of me for worrying haha. Well they haven't been to the beach for so long, because of course there is no beaches around Iowa... and today is my chance for using Holga! I am so excited! It is going to be fun :3


Crystal Ball said...

I knew you had nothing to worry about. :)
Hopefully you post those pictures you take with your Holga. By the way, where did you purchase your Holga? I've been tempted to buy one for quite some time now and I know they sell them at Urban Outfitters, ebay, etc. but I was wondering if there was any other place.

Lilo said...

you found the pic from owl city's myspace? becuase i think i saw it there ;p it's really an awesome shot x