Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Day Of Summer Fun...♥

Yesterday was pretty much my last day of having fun and seeing friends. These next three days will involve, shopping, packing and being quite busy getting ready for back to school. I finished my second roll of film on my Holga yesterday when I hanged out with some of my friends. The photos are awesome and I am falling in love with Holga even more and more! So yesterday I got to see my middle school best friend, Yuri!
I was so happy to see her! It had been so long, because after middle school she went to a different high school. :/ I also saw her big sister and brother and we all went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (finally), Borders, and Gamestop. =]

above: From left, Yuri , me and Juana

*Yuri and I* ( she is so beautiful )


Crystal Ball said...

Look at your cute dimple! haha. And yes, she is very beautiful. It looks like you had a wonderful time and it's good to hear you finally saw Harry Potter.

jessicaleighlalou said...

It looks like you had a good time! I always enjoy spending time with friends. Such fun! :)