Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fireflies, oh come light the night...♥

When was the last time I ever saw one of these amazing bugs that shine a beautiful light for us to admire at night, to be able to catch one and put it in a jar and watch it shine away, and then letting it go to enjoy the freedom and continue attracting those who find them amazing. I was probably 7 years old last time I had some in my yard where I used to live. Mother would catch them with no fear so I can see it up closely. Observing how they are able to produce a somehow magical light in them. They just happened to come ito my mind today and I wondered why I don't see any of them here. I think it would be rather nice, however I am afraid, very afraid of bugs. But I still want to see them. Like I've said before , everything in nature is beautiful. We are lucky to live in such a place surrounded by it, flowers, trees, oceans & lakes. If only we would have taken care of it from the very beginning. Now everyone is sort of turning green now, but isn't it a tad to late? But like a firefly, I believe we can shine our way through and still make a beautiful difference.

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Victoria-H said...

oh thank u thank u thank u !! :)
Beautiful post !

Claradevi said...

I agree when you said, "everything in nature is beautiful". I feel exactly the same way! Nature is gorgeous and we're so lucky when we aware about its beauty. I also like fireflies, we can find them easily back then when I was a little girl... but sadly they seemed to be gone now when the city lights take over the darkness. I miss the time when they're flying around, so tiny yet pretty... And your blog is wonderful. :)

Eliza said...

this is a beautiful post, and i completely agree with what you said there :) nature is glorious, magnificent. it's great to live in the middle of it, and not so near the city and all that (i have both, i think). i think i have never seen a real firefly :( but i sure would love to <3

retrodaisies . said...

yeah ! LOL. i dont think i've ever seen a firefly. but yeaah. they're always like your description .. in movies .. when kids play .. but other than that, i've never actually thought people do that in real life.

i added you as one of my religious reads, hope you dont mind !


Rhianne said...

I've never seen a firefly, I would love to though. Such a lovely post.

I have an award for you on my blog :) x

Sara said...

what a beautiful thought...this is one very sincere post, I believe.