Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time is almost up...♥

(Powell St, SF in the palm of my hand)

Well it is Saturday... so that leaves me with about just 8 days left here before I return to San Francisco for school. Classes start September 3rd but i leave home the 31st to move into my room and get things ready over there before starting classes :/ I am going to miss home...i already am and I am not leaving yet. Even though it is my 3rd year and by now i should be getting used to not being too sad about leaving , i just still do. There is just no place like home, you know? However I am anxious to start classes again. =] I need to work very hard this year and I need to focus. No Procrastinating!!! lol i am going to miss my parents of course but I am excited to see my lovely friend Tasha who I've missed all summer long. she's from Washington and we are going to room together this year ^_^ and plus I love the city of San francisco too.

Plans for today: Mom and I are going to do a little back to school shopping. I need some things such as new shoes...all i have is converse and I've used them all last year of school haha, some few new shirts, socks, and other things i find around that i may need. So that's pretty much it. Hmmm before I know'll be the 31st o.O especially how time flies so fast now! When do you all return to school? I know a few of you have already returned.

Enjoy the weekend friends! and with this song that I absolute love ♥!!

Dictionary by: {The Go Find}


Rhianne said...

ohhh, good luck, what an exciting place to learn! I never got used to leaving home either x

themagicalbean said...

I know what you mean...I have to focus this year and no procrastinating at all! Well said,there is no place like home. I hope school is good for you. I start back on the 24th!! Darn it all...:(

Denise said...

oh you are so cute. i love the photo

Victoria-H said...

Hehe, no well hehe, I was just out dancing at a club :P I dont do ballet (I would suck on that, really haha).
Oh cool you're going back to SF. R u studying at SF State? whats your major?

Amelia said...

Cute picture! I live at home year round and am kind of sick of it, so I'd definitely jump for the chance to live in SF for awhile, but I can definitely understand missing home.

Eliza said...

oh, i understand, it's always so sad when we have to leave home, it always is! but oh well, it's good to be in other places as well, because it becomes boring if we stay at home year round. shopping is exciting! and thank you for your comment, i enjoy that type of literature too ^^ <3

Crystal Ball said...

haha I love that picture!
I honestly think you are incredibly lucky to live in SF. It's so diverse and beautiful in its own way. I still live at home (a fact that should change in two years when I transfer to a UC) but I know the feeling of missing home because I've experienced it when I've been away.
Good luck in SF this year and I hope you get all you want accomplished!