Monday, August 17, 2009


I have been given a blog award from For the easily distracted... Thank you so much, Rhianne! hugs hugs. :)You deserve it too! Ever since I started this blog, I didn't think I was going to meet so many great and awesome people from around the globe. You are all great =] I am happy I have made some great blog friends and each and everyone of you inspire me and make my love for blogs grow bigger. And thanks for reading my blog :)

So I'll like to pass along this blog award to my favorite bloggers/friends :)
Crystal from Three-Six-Five
Retrodaisies from One of those things
Sammi-lise from a fairytale unlike any other (she's been following since I made my very first blog..thank you ^_^)
Laura from Blorange Dice
Denise from Denise Katipunera
Eliza from Restless Hearts
Adele from Poptart

:) Enjoy your award given to you with lots of love from me.


retrodaisies . said...

thank you so much :)

it means so much that a blog i have first started as a journal/diary is being read by people around the world. its an HONOUR !

cant thank you enough. i feel so special : D

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

thanks so much Evelyn!

and i loved reading your blog from the start :)

Denise said...

thank you so so much.

i love this.

you're always always so sweet.

Crystal Ball said...

This is so very special. Thank you, Evelyn. You are such a sweet girl <3

Rhianne said...

You're welcome :) More great blogs to read, yeay! x

Eliza said...

oh my dear, thank you so so much! :) i'm so happy i was one of the chosen ones! :) i will pass it to other lovely bloggers soon as well. thank you again ♥

Adele said...

THANK YOOOU sooo much, love!(: you are such a sweetheart! xoxo

blorange dice said...

aww, thanks evelyn!! you're the best (:

i love your blog(s) and being bloggy friends with you! haha

hope you're having a lovely tuesday