Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Feature : Journey of the Old Light

So i've decided to make my very first blog feature :D I have a very awesome friend from the same hometown as me and we've been real good friends since I moved up here to San Francisco. His is a very talented creative artist. I kinda envy his talent ;) but in a good way... hehe. His illustrations are quite inspiring and his preferred medium to create his artwork is watercolor. He attends the same art school as me, AAU, as an illustrator major and I'll say he is gonna get very far with that talent he has going on! Here are some examples of his masterpieces that are some of my favorites!

I think it would be absolutely wonderful if you can head on over to his blog, Journey of the Old Light and give him some support! He'll appreciate it very much and he's also such a friendly person! So follow his blog so he'll have more motivation to post more often too :p I know you guys like art.

+ sorry for me being MIA for a while. so busy that i hardly have time for myself to relax. but i've taken some photos with my Holga camera recently! So as soon as I finish the roll and develop it, they'll be more posts soon;)


Anonymous said...

he's great! i like his work!

evelyn said...

aw glad you liked his stuff :D

DoodleDesign said...

Hi Evelyn, nice blog you have here. I'd like to thank you 4 droppin' by my blog.. and I'll definitely hop into your talented friend's too.

Keep it up!