Saturday, October 2, 2010

A blog meet-up and new hair ...♥

I've decided today to go get bangs again! Exactly a year ago i got them and now I got them again in the same month haha. I really needed a change and I actually sorta missed having bangs and now I feel happy to have made this decision. I like my new hair right now :) New hair and new job which I start tomorrow! I'm nervous but excited at the same time! I feel that things are becoming good for me now and I hope it stays this way :) I also got to have a blog meet up with Crystal, from Powder Blue, yesterday. It was so wonderful to have met her in person, she's sooo sweet and lovely and beautiful! Two of her friends were with her so I got to meet them too and they as well were such great friendly people! I absolutely had a wonderful time with them. We had late lunch at Cafe Mason and then we walked to Urban Outfitters and then on an adventure to the Mission District. Browsed in thrift shops and a bookstore and took some pictures. We ended the day at another cafe and then sadly it was time for goodbye. Hopefully Crystal and I will hang out more once she moves to this wonderful city of San Francisco :) I will post pictures of the blog meet up as soon as I get them =]


Anonymous said...

i love the bangs. adorable as always! love the first shot!

Rhianne said...

How cool that you met Crystal :) Looking forward to seeing the photos and your hair is gorgeous!

blorange dice said...

you look so cute!!! love the hair. what's your new job?? hope it goes well!