Thursday, October 28, 2010

A dancing dream

my heart has been telling me this is what i'm to do.. its been telling me for years now. To be a dancer and a contemporary dancer I want to be. I've always wanted to somehow be a performer through the art of dancing since middle school. I never had the guidance or support though. I would just sit at home and admire dancers on those dancing shows. I was always inspired! Contemporary dance has my complete attention... its what i want to learn to do. I really do. My plan was to take beginning contemporary dance this fall but school keeps getting in the way. And now I have work. Unless I can get Saturdays off in which its the day that dance class is available. First class is free and if I like it than I shall go back. :] I just want to do something that'll make me happy. Dance is such a beautiful way of showing expression and creating art through the movements of the body. I just want to go for it! I dont want to hold myself back anymore. I want to get lost in the music through dance. Its just perfect.

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pinklotus said...

I love dancing too!!!! But now, i couldn't find time for it... law school is soooo demanding when it comes to time... :(

Little Miss Curious said...

I can't dance, because my knees are too weak, but i have danced latin-american dances, than folk and hip-hop, and i really like that! dancing makes people happy, so dance, live your life in the way you feel it! :)


Anonymous said...

You should dance! you have the body for it and it's a beautiful hobby :)

Anonymous said...

Yes it is just perfect! I've always admired people that can dance but never had the skill myself. Singing, painting, drawing, writing I can do but way! You should definitely try a class or two. You'll love it!What type of dancing do you love most? Ballet, Tapdance...etc.? Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful. x

PatriciaSilver said...

Have you begin dance classes? I dance ballet and contemporany dance for a few years now and I love it C:
I'm going to post about a contemporany show, that I'm going to do, soon!

Lots of Love,

P.S. You're welcome to my blog.
Hope seeing you around!