Friday, September 10, 2010

on the search for new clothing! ...♥

Time for new clothes! I really need some! :O
so I'm going shopping tomorrow, gonna try to find
nice clothing that will grab my eye and that won't
be too expensive... i plan to spend only a certain amount.
Also gonna look for clothes a little similar to Zooey's. I really
need a good nice wardrobe change , if you look at my closet
it is so boring and uninspiring! Even when I look at it
it makes me kind of depressed haha! Not much color or
fun patterns to tell you the truth. And with what I have
it is actually pretty hard to put together a nice outfit. Gosh
I don't know how these girls do it with their fashion blogs
and all their outfit posts... hmmm. Wish me luck! :D
Oh and everyone have an awesome Saturday & Sunday ;)
much love ♥


Celeste said...

fashion blogs boggle me! i don't know how people can dress so gorgeously ALL THE TIME... good luck with your shopping! can't wait to see what you find :)

Lady Bird said...

Good luck! Sounds exciting. Really like your picture x

Anonymous said...

i hear what you saying. i need a new wardrobe too! Zooey's style is amazing. great choice :D

Anonymous said...

P.S i love that photo!

blorange dice said...

oh man, i know what you mean... i barely shopped at all this summer, but in the past 3 weeks or so, i have solved that problem haha. yay for shopping!

i loooove this picture as well

Flashes of Style said...

What an adorable owl! <3