Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back to school, thrift shops and hair problems ...♥

Had two classes today! One I just added today and it was right after the first one ended! I had to hurry and get some papers signed for the class! ahh so I was running back & forth but I'm glad to have made the decision of dropping the class i was gonna have tomorrow with this horrible lame teacher and replacing it with Adv. Modeling / Textures in which we use this different 3D software called Modo! I'm excited to get to learn this new software :D Hope all goes well! The teacher seems real cool too. Also sometimes its hard to follow along when the instructor sometimes goes a little too fast... but I try to hang in there! Well on Labor day.. which was yesterday of course I headed to Buffalo Exchange in the Mission District to sell some clothes! I took two bags and from all I took..they only bought from me 5 pieces for $20... i was hoping they would buy more so I wouldnt have to carry the heavy bags back -_- lol. Also browsed through their selction of thrift clothes... i really dont have any luck when it comes to clothes gahhhh! help me. :( I just scored a pair of high waisted floral shorts and that's it.. really need clothes for school though... I'll try again next time..hopefully with better luck?
Well here's my latest picture! I got this new tea called Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea and it is soooo good. :D Also this hair of mine has to hurry up and grow again. I really regret cutting it to my shoulders :( I cant do much with my hair. Also thinking of getting blunt bangs by cutting it myself.... but hmmm.... I dont think that would be such a great idea... haha i could ruin my hair even worse! :O Has anyone attempted cutting your hair yourselves?

Airplanes by b.o.b ft. Hayley Williams


Celeste said...

Omg I was at the Buffalo Exchange on Saturday and they serious snobs about what they take, it's sort of ridiculous. I did get lucky and find this gorgeous dress (which I am going to call my Zooey D dress! because it's so 500 Days of Summer :)). There's also a place a few stores to the left of buffalo called "Crossroads" and they might be nicer about buying clothes... I go to the one in Santa Cruz and they're pretty nice. Don't worry, thrifting is hard! But practice makes perfect :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

I have attempted to cut my own hair a few times but now I just trim my own bangs to save a couple doubles lol. I'm thinking of letting mine grow out as well. I'm tired of having it so short, I really want some long hippie hair

Adele said...

haha the only thing i do dare to do...is trim my own bangs! i do it all the time, it's therapeutic in fact! i hope you have a fantastic time back in school (: xo

Anonymous said...

that yellow mug is cute! and i cut my bangs all the time. it doesn't hurt to try!

blorange dice said...

i actually just cut my boyfriend's hair for the first time!! it went pretty well, but it's not "perfect." haha he kept telling me i was being a perfectionist, but i mean... it was his hair. whatever.

i think you could totally do it! invest in some decent shears and watch a couple youtube videos (: