Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hollywood film...♥

These are some photographs I took of Hollywood with my Holga film camera over the summer. Just recently got them developed :) I have to say..looking summer turned out wonderful and am so happy about it because I really thought I was gonna have a boring summer but I was wrong :) Back to school tomorrow! Kinda excited about classes ... I have an inner nerd in me 8) well i actually don't have class on Thursday but on Fridays so i still get to relax tomorrow while others go to class tomorrow hahaha. The other days I have class is Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And I might have a little part time job too! I just got back from an interview at Whole Foods Market for the cashier position. :D Interview went very well and I have a good feeling that I might just get it. *fingers crossed* A job would turn out to be helpful...everything is money money money :/ and school can be expensive. So i really want to save up and also help out my parents. Well I can't believe it is sooooo hot here in San Francisco today :/ yikes! Im indoors where the temperature is a little cool and am about to relax with a good movie on netflix.


MyLittlePhotographs said...

These are wonderful! I especially love the one from the Hollywood Bowl, so niceee:)

Anonymous said...

great photos as always!

Adele said...


RACHEL said...

EEEKS i still cant believe you went to see the concert ! lucky poop ! pictures will come soon. i just got a new laptop, so id ont have all the pictures on here, actually noen at all D:

GOOD LUCK IN SCHOOL ! i start in a week. i have frosh next week. so that would eb fun.

i hope interviews go well and you get the job. as the asians say it (well in chinese) ADD OIL !


hiven said...