Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I been up to lately ...♥

for those who may be interested :p

1) school and homework ;(
2) got a job at Whole Foods Market ;) my good friend works there so we're going to be co-workers! so excited :] gonna start working there in a week or two.
3) went to in-n-out with my roommates, saw a cute cashier there but I didn't get him to take my order :( haha I got some other cashier -__-
4) been learning French :) Bonjour mademoiselles! ;)
5) searching for the perfect cute Fall beanie hat somewhere
6) hopefully soon a Blog meet with the lovely Crystal from Powder Blue and the possibility of being roommates with her when she moves to S.F in the winter :D yay!
6) deciding whether to get bangs again or not. My hair has been looking horrible lately 3: not cool.
7) enjoying mellow songs and searching for new music
8) buying frozen yogurt now & then. so addicted. they're just so deliciousss!

but tell me....What is everyone up to lately?

Janglin by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


Anonymous said...

yay for getting a job! French is a wonderful language. i studied it in high school. Crystal is an amazing girl! you are so lucky to be meeting her :D

great song!

P.S get the bangs. they look good on you.