Wednesday, May 19, 2010

July get here soon! ...♥

Good news! I am going to see She & Him this summer! I got a friend to come along with me, she started to listen to their music and now she is excited to go! I am so happy that I will be going to see and hear them sing live :D So I can't wait for July, it's gonna be the best part of my summer hehe ^_^ Oh and I am done with finals! I just have 1 class to go to tomorrow, seems pointless because we dont have homework to turn in or anything because we turned it in last week but if i miss class my grade points may be lowered. Bummer :/ After class tomorrow my roommates and I gonna celebrate a bit, have some fun and drinks and just be happy that we survived another college school year of hectic work! hehe :) and then it'll be goodbyes on saturday :( and we all go our different directions and head on home.


MyLittlePhotographs said...

YAY!! How exciting! Did you end up getting the cheap tickets or you decided to splurge? I can't wait to attend my first show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Anonymous said...

You must be so excited! I know I would be. I can't wait to go see them. I also can't wait for July to get here. I finish school :)

RACHEL said...


i cannto believe it, she&him aaahhhhh. take so many pictures that your camerais on the verge of explosion. than, show me !


Roza said...

how lucky of you!!! :)
you'll get to see sehandhim LIVE :O:O
i am jealous have fun celebrating! :)

hilal said...

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