Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day ...♥

Happy Mother's day! I miss my mom very much but it is just two more weeks until I am home again for the summer! I can't wait. I'm really missing home right now...I think I am even feeling a little homesick which is weird because I been living away from home for 3 years... Well for Mother's Day I send my mom some beautiful flowers, of course not as beautiful as her hehe but she recieved them on Friday and was jumping in joy with happy tears in her eyes to see the flower delivery being from me. I was happy and excited myself :) It was great. She loved them very much. I hope she has a wonderful day today with my dad ^_^
I haven't been blogging for so long it feels. I also haven't been taking any photography lately, I feel like there isn't anything new to take pictures of here. I practically explored the whole city and have taken photos of almost every district there is here. haha. In the summer I'll be taking photos with Holga I am sure so instead of boring you with the same old San Francisco photos I'm sure you've had enough of, I'll be sharing photos of my hometown area and L.A area like the beaches, parks and etc :) I just can't wait to go home!! I am wishing these 2 weeks fly by so quickly! please please~! ♥


Anonymous said...

Yay for spending the summer at home! i know how you feel but don't worry because you'll be home soon. can't wait to see the summer photos :)

RACHEL said...

thats okay! take your time. but to be honest, i'll never get tired of san fracisco through the lens of your camera!

but i kinda miss your blogs :(