Saturday, May 29, 2010

When rain turns into sun rays...♥

California weather can be so crazy! It can never seem to make up its mind. Its a never ending mood change here, like how a smile can easily become a frown and a clear blue sky be quickly filled with the gloomiest gray shadowing our homes as we look up for a hope of the brightest ray from the sun to fill us deeply in our hearts and bring a forecast of smiles ahead. Last week it was extremely windy, as if a hurricane were on its way, hopefully tomorrow it stays warm and calm like today so I can go to the beach again and fully enjoy it and take pictures! I am anxious to drop off a roll of film! I've applied to three Barnes & Noble Booksellers for a job and I am hoping with all my heart they call me so I can keep myself busy with something this summer plus I will be extremely happy to work with what I love most, Books! ♥ I got my hair cut yesterday by my mom and my hair is now in layers and I feel so much better and happy! Indeed a haircut is so much like a garden in need of repair, after a cut it grows to be beautiful and healthy. Today has consisted of Heroes marathon. I'm watching season 2 on netflix. What a great show! Now I think I will have a good read with a good book and maybe some drawing and video games later :)

Lingering Still by She & Him

photos by me.


Celeste said...

love that song and love the blog make over (:

JessicaLeighLaLou said...

I love B & N! That would be such a great place to work. I hope you get the job. :)

Anonymous said...

the song is amazing, and i love the photos of you!

Crystal Ball said...

Ah I know what you mean about the weather. It was so sunny yesterday and now it looks like it is going to rain.
I really love these pictures of you, especially the black and white one.

Good luck on getting the job! I've been applying everywhere like crazy but its so though to find a job where I live.