Friday, May 14, 2010

I was afraid of this. didn't think it would happen.
all was so well. all was so nice. all was so happy.
all was fine...
then something changes, something in you,
its not you anymore, its someone completely unknown.
A stranger.
Cause he was different at first but then now he wont understand.
Had a heart having beat so fast from happiness then slowly faded until it started to break
and theres no happiness anymore. Words of a broken heart.

I am feeling a bit better now. Staying strong and well life just keeps going and better things are waiting ahead for me hopefully. I am now trying to stay focused especially now that I have finals. Which is a reason why I havent posted photos and such :/ Sorry to one of my favorite bloggers and follower from One of those things! I will be back soon :) Don't worry. I am excited to get back to being behind the lens and searching for the perfect spots to snap a photo with my film camera ^_^ I already have my next photoshoot set which hopefully will be next Sunday when I'll be home! So stay tuned and be patient hehe ^.^

♥ evelyn


Rhianne said...

I need to take my cameras out soon I think...

I hope you're ok love and it isnt your heart thats broken :( sending love your way if it is x

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about him Evelyn but in the end, everything happens for a reason. I hope you feel better, and I can't wait to see your film :)

RACHEL said...

YES YES YES (about the new posts!)

i'm sorry it didnt work out, but there WILL be somewhere out there that will love you forever and forever. dont give up on love.

i'm sending love your way : D