Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Six Flags Magic Mountain ...♥

My friend and I had a really great time together. The park was very full and the lines very long with long waits but it was worth it. We got on some of the best ones such as Goliath which is one of my favorite roller coasters, and Tatsu and The Riddler's Revenge. I finally got to try the delicious funnel cake topped with strawberries. yummy! It was very warm in Valencia, Ca. Around the 80s but it still felt pretty good. I am so glad to have spent some time with my bestie. She's a really great person and never fails to make me laugh and make me feel happy. We're planning our next fun trip to Disney California Adventures later this month but it is not certain. Hopefully we do get to go because I haven't been there since 8th grade! I've finished another roll of film on my holga :D I just have to drop it off to get them developed. Pretty excited to see the results of the photos I took at Hollywood, Six Flags and Marina del Rey. Can you believe it is already August? geeeeez!


Anonymous said...

great shots! how fun :)

Amanda said...

Love these photos. I need to ride some roller coasters soon!

And no, I can't believe it's August either!

emily said...

wow at the roller coaster! i really like riding them! :) it looks like you had a brilliant day out with your friend! these photos look fantastic! love your blog xxx