Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The dreams and wishes...&hearts

I have suddenly been really wanting to go on a roadtrip around the United States with an RV and explore the country, stopping at states , exploring and take lots and lots of photographs! Doesn't it sound great? I would really love to make this one wish/ dream come true. I've told my parents about it and of course they will come along too and I think they liked the idea! I just love to travel and sight see places than just California, I just can't really be in the same place for so long , I feel I just have to go out and explore because I only have one lifetime and I want to make it the best I can. I don't want to be stuck in just one place for the rest of my life. Well I certainly would have to find me an RV or something and that just means I have to save up. Gosh I have so many dreams I want to make come true sometimes I feel they won't but I got to think positive and work hard for them. I feel I am still trying to find myself, find my purpose in life in what I should be doing, finding that one thing that is going to make me happy. Do any of you have a dream you would love to make come true? Do share :)

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this last photo I posted because I really really really been craving snow cones! All summer long -_- haha I need to get myself a snow cone machine :D Yum!

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AmyK said...

We have a little trailer that belonged to my great aunt years ago, and I'd lovelovelove to take it on a road trip. That has always sounded like so much fun.

Celeste said...

me too! i feel like there is so many parts of the u.s. that i haven't seen... i gotta get out of california but its so hard to ever want to leave :)

elizabeth said...

i've been craving snow cones too! and traveling is oh so fun!

fun pictures :D

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Such a great idea. I wish I had the extra money to buy an RV and take a roadtrip for a year or so

Selma said...

I had this idea for so long, too. Just find an RV and make this trip happen girl. :)
Love the last pic with water ice...yummy!!!!!!!!!! :)