Monday, August 9, 2010

Sundays :)...♥

I'm going to miss my sundays at my hometown area.
Yesterday consisted of going to the:
* Farmer's Market, getting fresh organic fruits, eating roasted corn, listening to a live jazz band
*Green grass and laying in the sun at Santa Monica beach
* people watching as they pass by on their bicycles
*recording videos & listening to my jams on my ipod
*and planning to go back next weekend with my bike this time
Santa Monica is so lively and fun. I would love to own a home there somewhere and be able to bike ride all the time or be in walking distance of the beach.


Anonymous said...

That sounds so nice...

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Agreed! I wish I could afford to live right near the ocean in Santa Monica. If I could sell my car, I would be a happy girl:)

Emma said...

i love how relaxing sunday's can be! sounds like you have a lovely time!

Sabina said...

Lovely blog!
I would like to invite you to mine - I think you will really like it :))
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In any case - I hope you enjoy my blog and of course feel free to follow me if you do! ;)

Much love,

Anonymous said...

sounds like a load of fun! going back to school?