Friday, July 9, 2010

dream ...♥

More film photos from Venice Beach, California! Well I haven't really been to the beach since then which was in early June because it doesn't seem like it is summer over here! It's always gloomy, cloudy in the mornings and afternoons. Oh well. I just want Fall to get here really. It is my favorite weather because of the cozy warm clothes I get to wear :D Anyways I need to continue studying this Driver's Handbook but it is boring -_- I really want to accomplish one of my goals of getting my driver's license this summer! I am also excited for July 18th to get here! I 'll be going to a concert and see/hear She& Him live! it is going to be awesomeeeeee :D Ok so I finally finished that last book I was reading and started reading Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa which I finished on Wednesday haha so now I'm reading Snow Falling on Cedar. Does anyone watch the show So You Think You Can Dance? I love that show! Watching them dance is so inspiring and it makes me want to go out and take dance lessons and tryout for the show one day! haha who knows? I might make it one day ;) I would really really want to. I can dream right? It is just gonna take a lot of dedication though but I am being serious and this September hopefully I am going to start dance lessons and learn Jazz or Contemporary in San Francisco. I feel really happy whenever I just dance in my living room. It brings me a sense of peace. I been wanting to be a cool dancer since middle school. I think its time to try out for this dream...


Anonymous said...

i see you like a lot of Japanese books! i read one of the ones in your other blog and it was really nice.

love the photo of the alligator!

Indie.Tea said...

It never got warm here in SF either. This really isn't a very California-ish summer is it?
I really like the photos, especially the alligator and the last one.