Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red, white and blue ...♥

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone! I plan making some delicious Rice Crispy treats for the holiday and hopefully we go to the beach and the air market tomorrow for some delicious roasted corn but mom is sick right now, please hope she gets well soon! Ahh yesterday I had the chance to go to the movies with my bestie from high school and we went to see Eclipse. hmm i would totally choose Jacob over Edward...but oh well...Bella is dumb -_- haha but it is just a movie so yeah! Well I'm off to a baby shower tonight! My very first one actually but I heard they are pretty fun with the games they have and all. So far my summer is very chill! I am still reading ' The Wind-up Bird Chronicle' and I have no idea why I read so slow now! arghh but actually I don't spend as much time reading as I would want because I end up doing some other things like computer games and tv...oh and my summer classes! But I am almost done with the book so I can move along with another one :)


Anonymous said...

cool shot. you should recommend a few books this way?

sanchez said...

Urgh, I hate when I read slowly, I've been doing it a lot lately.

I need to read more.

RACHEL said...

I LURRRRRRRRRRRVE RICE CRISPY TREATS. maybe you should send some to me!

hope your mum gets better soon :(

UGH. I AM SOOOO TEAM JACOB (movie wise) robert cullen is the ugliest thing. okay, he's not that bad looking. BUT EW. HE IS NOT AN EDWARD CULLEN. HOW CAN THEY EVEN CAST HIM FOR THAT? THERE ARE SOOOO MANY MORE BAUTIFUL BOYS OUT THERE (i spaz everytime someone mentions him and edward cullen in the same sentence!)

i NEED to watch eclipse, THOUGH. taylor lautner is beautiful. or his body is ... his face is okay.