Friday, February 19, 2010

Sleepy Mornings

I took these pictures in January and posted them in my other blog that I have discontinued due to lack of time :/ So I am sharing them here since this is my main blog ;) I love my mornings because I am so sleepy and don't want to get up so I just sleep in. My bed and blankets are one of my favorite things to stay warm and cuddle up, to dream, day dream and just wonder of many things


Jessica Leigh La Lou said...

I love sleeping..haha I don't get enough of it often times though. :P

Anonymous said...

Sleeping is fun! i love these photos of you :)

sanchez said...

Ahh I love sleeping.
though, I always feel like I HAVE to wake up, when really I just want to sleep in :)

RACHEL said...

no wonder they looked so familiar !

i saw them on your other blog : D

i love them, they are amazing. and the focus of it... you know what i mean?