Thursday, February 18, 2010

I feel so bad for not posting as often as I used to. It really does make me feel bad. I just haven't had any new photographs to share because I haven't really taken any :/ And rain has been forecasted for this week so it'll be mostly cloudy and rainy and not weather friendly for my Holga camera :O But I promise as soon as there is sunshine again here in San Francisco I'll take Holga out :) It always makes me happy when I develop a roll of film and wanting to share them with you all.

I've also been pretty busy with school work. Sometimes it brings me down, I'm not as perfect like others that are so good at what they do and I wish I can be at their level. I just have to practice and give it all I have. I'm sure they were at the same level as me one day and eventually after lots of practicing is how they got better & better. I try my best to cross the 'Give up' thought out of mind. I hate even thinking that & I just dislike being unhappy.

Well thats enough for today, sorry if this post was a bit boring =O Hopefully my next one will be more interesting ;) Have a great Friday and Weekend!



RACHEL said...

yes : (

you've been post-lacking which makes me sad because when i visit, sometimes i constantly see the same posts.

but i know (maybe) how busy school work gets, so its okay ! good luck with it !