Thursday, February 25, 2010

My recent SF photos...♥

Again as much as I want to blog as often, I can't. I can't believe how school/homework has been taking so much free time from me. I don't have time for fun. Haven't even been able to read my books and how I love books so much :( Makes me sad. I don't want to lose my love for blogging either, it is something I really enjoy doing. One thing for sure I always check for blog updates and read each one of your new blog posts. :) I just love it so much how each one of your blogs inspires me in every way. Anyways heres some photos I managed to take in my regular every day walks in San Francisco. All I see everyday is these naked trees that are waiting for spring to arrive and grow its green leaves for us to enjoy for shade, buildings, and a tree that looks as if it carries snow on its branches and that one is my favorite. I can't wait for spring either, flowers blooming, nice weather, warm sunshine, great season for photograph taking too!


Anonymous said...

i love these photos evelyn, especially the 2nd one!