Friday, February 26, 2010

Behind the light...♥

What a rainy day it has been today! I am so glad my umbrella didn't break with the strong winds as I was walking. That can be embarrassing. I've seen that happen to several people and umbrellas just end up lying around in the street or in trash cans. haha. I am eating cheeseburger flavored Doritos. very interesting. & yay it is Friday! I'll be spending my weekend doing homework though. I have a sculpture I need to make of a creature I designed for my Creature Design class! It due in two weeks and I really really really want to make it awesome and get a good grade. :/ I am tired of receiving average grades but being anywhere near perfect is hard for me. I've never tried to be perfect, its something I dont really like but sometimes I have to I guess and in this case for school I need to give it all I got to be successful. I have had a tumblr for quite a while , I dont blog about my life or anything like that on it but I reblog photographs I find that inspire me and show who I am and what I like mostly. I'll be sharing them here for you since I don't have my own photography to share yet :) Hopefully you all will like them.

*photo of me


Anonymous said...

i really like this photo! it's pretty cool, and i know we all strive for perfect grades but were only human. the umbrella part sounds funny! i've seen it happen before too!

Crystal Ball said...

I love light painting photography. This one is so neat!
And I'm sure if you try your hardest and put a good amount of time you will do great on your projects. Good luck!

Rhianne said...

that photo is absolutely beautiful :)