Saturday, February 27, 2010

Interior Inspiration...♥

Lately I been interested in some Interior design for my future home one day :) I think it'll be a great feeling to have my very own place one day and decorate it how i want and like. Sounds like so much fun ! :3 Here's some Interior home photography I've come across and immediately said, I would love a room like that and like that! ♥ So exciting =]


ive lost the credit of where i got the last 4 photos for they've been saved in my laptop for quite awhile


sanchez said...

ahh I love staring at interior design!

I love the wallpapers. :)

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love interior design! i actually considered pursuing it as a career, then dropped it.

but i love your choices here, and great new layout. i like this one better :)

Jessica Leigh La Lou said...

Ooh those are all so lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

i also love interior design, great choices!!!

Crystal Ball said...

How neat- I've been browsing through a lot of interior photography lately as well!
These are gorgeous. I can tell you have great taste.