Saturday, August 1, 2009

My August Night Dream...♥

I been having a lot of dreams lately and they are actually similar in a way, that I have found my true love. Every time i wake , I wake with a smile because it seemed so real , then I am left during the day wondering who it may be... I can not see his face in my dreams, that remains a mystery, but I can really feel the closeness and the love we have for each other. It appears to be tender and sweet and beautiful. Also last night in my dream I had a typewriter and I was using it to write a beautiful love letter, he also told me that we were going to exchange lots of love letters and keep them in a special safe place so we can go back and read what we wrote to each other♥ , I loved the idea but thinking about it now and knowing it was only a dream kind of leaves me a bit sad... maybe this dream will come true one day... i really don't know...but what I do know is that I absolutely loved this dream :)


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

have faith in yourself. know that the right one will find you, get to know you and fall in love with you. and get a typewriter . . . .xx

retrodaisies . said...

those dreams are the best.
i've had a few : D

and its always so weird. you NEVER see their face. like, its a blur. and it makes me sort of sad sometimes.


Zmaga said...

I love those dreams :) especially when I can see that one special face <3

blorange dice said...

aww, this is so sweet! i'm sure it's just foreshadowing (: what a mystery!

that picture of the typewriter is unreal. i love it! especially with those flowers...

Crystal Ball said...

Aw, dreams like this are so bittersweet; more sweet than bitter I think though. But it's lovely don't you think, that you can't see his face? Sure, curiosity killed the cat but this leaves room for so much mystery! Good luck finding this mystery man <3

Oh, and the photograph of the typewriter is lovely.

The Clothes Horse said... day.