Monday, August 3, 2009


The family from my dad's side came over to visit yesterday! I saw my baby cousin Brandon again. Isn't he cute?! :D He is now 3 months old. I got to carry him but since I never really carried a baby before I was having some trouble haha. Mom loved him and carried him more than I did. Also my other cousin Brian who is 7 years old is very cool. We hadn't really met before but yesterday I invited him to join me to play some board games. We played sorry! and he said he loved that game. We later invited uncle to join us. My cousin then couldn't stop talking to me and I was glad we got close so quickly. :) I try my best to be a good cousin but sometimes it's hard because I never had a little sister or brother so sometimes I don't know how to talk to kids haha. Then he told me he was going to bring his Lego's Star Wars video game for PS2 so we can play next time! I told him I would be looking forward to it. He gave me a big loving hug when he left. He left happy I am sure.

Now later this week I have more cousins visiting :O and my aunt from Iowa. I am quite nervous because I haven't seen them for 13 years. Last time I saw my cousin she was 8 and and I was 7, my other cousin was a baby and she now is 12 or 13 :O I always get nervous when I am going to see people I haven't seen for so long or haven't met at all. I worry I wont have anything to talk about... =/ and my cousin is very pretty and 21 now o_o Hope all is well but I am excited that I am finally going to get to see them. I think they are staying over my place for 2 weeks. I plan to give them a tour of my hometown and go see some movies :D and take pictures too!


Rhianne said...

I'm sure they will love you :)

Can you email me your address for your postcard? (yeay) my email is

Crystal Ball said...

You are such a sweet girl, I'm sure they will love you. & the little baby boy is so cute!