Friday, July 31, 2009

Tag [: ...♥

I have been tagged by one of my favorite blogs, Little Life :] I am going to tell you some things I love and then tag a few others into doing the same. ^_^

I love...
*The smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen
*All kinds of trees
*science museums
*seeing the stars at night
*sunsets when the sky turns orangey, pink and purple
*gloomy weather
*finding nice clothes at a store or when thrift shopping
*the color blue
*orange juice

ok so now I tag everyone! :D I think everyone should try it out =]


blorange dice said...

i love all of these too! though i probably wouldn't think to put nachos on one of these lists, haha. and the orange juice must be pulp-free.

Rhianne said...

I love all these - especially science museums!