Thursday, July 30, 2009

My little wishlist...♥

this cute handmade owl =^-^=, one of my favorite animals

A death cab for cutie journal made out of a recycled Death Cab brown T-shirt. My #1 favorite band

this blue bike i'm dying to own

Lisa Mitchell's Album. I fell in love with her music and especially with the song "Coin Laundry" :3

my favorite word "Hello" :) I'll love to carry it around my neck...

These shoes!♥ ,or some brown pixie ankle boots. I been looking and looking for a pair..but no luck... :(

I want to make one of these! So creative and artistic and would look beautiful on my desk!

so these are some of the things I've found on the net and blogs that I fell in love with and would love to have :3


blorange dice said...

Those shoes! That flower! and that bike! I want them all too (:

Hope you're doing well!

Crystal Ball said...

What an adorable list. I LOVE that Death Cab journal. Thank you for letting me get to know more of you in that last comment you wrote me. It's nice to see how much we have in common :]

Anonymous said...

I love the bike! I have a cruiser in black - not nearly as cute.

retrodaisies . said...

i think they sell those shoes in pink (flat right ? no heels ?) at h&m.


ps. id love to own a cool bike like that. mine's so stupid looking. mountain bike or athletic bike of that sort ? BAAH.

yiqin; said...

The handmade owl is so adorable! So are the shoes :)

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love owls too! i want an owl ring, necklace, tshirt, and stuffed animal!

and that bike is great...i am in dire need of a bike.

i love death cab!

and those shoes...drool.

blorange dice said...

haha, yeah i know what you mean.

p.s. you should totally get that hello necklace!

evelyn said...

oh i wish i could get it..its $120 though =O

nookie said...

the handmade owl is so cute:X