Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My perfect morning...♥

Another thing from my little list of things I love...would be... Breakfast! :D It is my favorite meal of the day and I enjoy it so much. Of course I can't forget getting up early in the morning can be a pain, but it's very easy to get up with the thought of breakfast on the table waiting for you. Here's a little list of what I love about breakfast in the mornings:
  • The smell of coffee (decaf of course)
  • pancakes with either bananas or blueberries in them! and butter and syrup on top.
  • orange juice
  • a bowl of cereal
  • a glazed or sugary donut with milk
  • oatmeal with toast
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • an egg croissant with cheese and ketchup inside
  • egg sandwich
  • waffles
  • french toast
  • hash browns
Well there you go! Oh and just to make t clear for you, I don't eat all that in one meal! haha that would be too much for me. I honestly always eat cereal, cant go wrong with that but everything else is oh so delicious too! :) How about you..whats your favorite meal of the day? Is it breakfast too? or lunch and dinner? =] Whats your favorite meal that you couldn't live without?


blorange dice said...

evelyn, i LOVE your blog!! i noticed your comment on bonnie's post, and came to check this out... it's so great. i'm really excited to see your future posts! also, i added you to my list of favorites, because i already love it so much (:

and breakfast is my favorite meal too- especially cereal! at home, i go through quaker oatmeal squares (original and cinnamon) like crazy. at school, it's a mixture of cinnamon toast crunch and frosted flakes- sounds weird, i know, but... don't knock it till you try it. haha

Denise said...

breakfast is my fave meal of the day!