Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who says I don't like dresses..?♥

I have been called being a tomboy maybe up since middle school. Because before I started 6th grade I did wear dresses all the time but I don't understand why I stopped wearing them....hmm. Even though you'll see me with jeans and a shirt and some sneakers all the time, inside I do love admiring some dresses. Sometimes it even makes me want to wear one! :o Maybe I should right? No harm in that. hehe I think one of the biggest reasons I don't wear them is regarding my height but I know I am wrong, because short girls can wear dresses too. It doesn't look bad...right? hehe Above outfits are from and are some of what i like. :)

Now these pictures above are from my top 3 favorite blogs!♥ I admire their style and they make dressing up look so easy. hehe But these are also my favorite dresses worn by them that are absolutely beautiful, not to mention these girls are beautiful as well. Anyways I told mom about how i want to start wearing dresses again to change up my wardrobe and well she just kind of laughed and told me that even if she did let me buy a dress that I wasn't going to wear it....well she may be partially right...but I am willing to try one on.


Rain said...

Dresses are cute! You really should! I am hoping to wear more dresses in the summer! First have to buy some :)


Mrs.Zeus said...

I love dresses but living in Seattle is a little difficult to be able to wear them.
Now that we moved to Cali I try to wear them as much as possible when I can although living near the bay still hinder me from being able to wear them everyday.

BTW, love your blog!