Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's time for a haircut!...really

It's funny everytime i have my hair short I am wishing it is longer....and now that my hair is long I am wishing it is short -__- I was going to go get it cut today but I ran out of time doing other errands so I shall go tomorrow in the morning. I know a place where it is inexpensive but the lady there is really nice and cuts hair very well. Also change is good once in a while :) Again another hot day in the city. I did some shopping, only ended up buying one piece of clothing though -_- and also got free frozen yogurt :D MMmm! Tomorrow my bf returns from his trip in Washington D.C. He's lucky to have gone there to visit! But I am very excited to see him again :) Pictures above is me and my ex-roommate Crystal dancing. Yes i moved and found a room for rent for cheap , so I finally have a room of my own. But there's some great memories I had with her that I won't ever forget.


Anonymous said...

These photos look super fun!

blorange dice said...

these are such fun pictures!!