Friday, December 17, 2010

my last final today! and im free free FREEEE! haha
sounded crazy there but hey! i am so happy to be able to relax
and enjoy the holidays. =]
updates: got a place with blog friend Crystal.
tomorrow is my last day at work :/ they had me quit and to reapply when i am back in the city.
been packing. something i hate doing ;{
its been rainy rainy rainy! love it =]
Shall be in L.A on Monday night! :D
My Birthday approaching. what to do? :o


ALYSSA said...

yay for being done!! i had my last final today too and it's such a weight lifted off my chest!! and yeah finally get to enjoy the holidays without having the thought of the last final! ahhh haha

Anonymous said...

Glad the semester is done. i know what a relief that must be! enjoying your family and relaxing for the holidays is the best thing you can do. don't stress your job. i am 100% sure they'll hire you back :)

and yay for living with Crystal. she is an amazing photographer. (if that's the Crystal i think it is! je je)

birthday? how about a nice dinner with close relatives and friends?