Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feliz Navidad! ...♥

Merry Christmas all!! I wish you a most beautiful day along with your family & friends. Mines was a good one :) Delicious tamales made by mom, ponche, our traditional holiday drink , & i made rice krispy treats with sprinkles. We opened our presents at midnight, went to bed at 1 in the morning, parents are still in bed right now haha and it is almost noon :p but later more tamales, some board games and music :) and just plain relax. I love Christmas. And tomorrow we going out to eat for my birthday dinner. Also my dad's birthday because we both have the same birthdays! My birthday is actually on the 28th but we going to celebrate it tomorrow because we can't on Tuesday since both my parents work, so tomorrow is perfect. Can't wait =] Well enjoy the rest of your Christmas day!


Anonymous said...

i am glad you enjoyed christmas with your family :)

merry christmas love <3

P.S lovely photo!

ALYSSA said...

mmmm i have been craving tamales since yesterday!!! man i really want some right now haha.

merry christmas!!! and happy early birthday! =D