Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer love...♥

My window view from the living room. Both taken with Holga but see how different the results turned out to be?

Well summer is here! Time for a happy list of things i'm loving and things i'll love to do before summer's over.

1. I love the time I have to be able to read my books.
2. I love being able to sleep in.
3. I love going bike riding near the beach
4. I love the fresh cool breeze I feel through the window.
5. I love playing my games on my nintendo DS such as Kingdom Hearts.

1. I'll love to be able to know how to play the acoustic guitar by the end of the summer.
2. I'll love to go to a water park.
3. I'll love to get done with my summer classes successfully.
4. I'll love to keep eating fresh juicy fruits like mangoes and oranges.
5. I'll love to go swimming but before that.. need to learn how to swim.
6. & I'll love to get that vintage looking swimsuit I been having my eye on from UO.

what are some things you're loving from this summer? Would love to know :)


Anonymous said...

i would love sleeping in but i can't :(

i love the weather and the beach during the summers. great view from your living room!!!

kimberley said...

It's winter here in Australia at the moment :(
But if it were summer, I would love to go bike riding amongst the trees and have long walks along the beach at sunset.


RACHEL said...

OH LOL ! i thought you were in venice. they have a beach in california called venice beach ? is it european ?

i'm loving from this summer:
1. not needing to set my alarm
2. eating like a pig
3. cold drinks
4. staying out late on weekdays !

i hate about summer:
1. i spend more money.


Anna said...

these photos are so pretty!
I just got my 1st Holga & I cannot wait to see the film.